📜 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 50292

They definitely need to do one considering how frequent crashes are, even in singleplayer which seems kinda weird to be honest.


Well, if the crashes don’t have anything to do with multiplayer specific things, then it’s not weird.
The simulation and the rendering can just crash on their own.

Didn’t happen to me before though :confused:

The first thing I did when I read the notes was to play two games, against moderate and hard AI. It’s still a huge jump.

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I wish there was an option to just not display all the coop games in the lobby browser.
most coop players play with friends anyway. The way it is now makes it way harder to find a game.

Filtering on game mode in general seems a great idea. For example only RM game, only EW game, only DM game, but also only RM and DM games. Such filters make sense to have. I already suggested this in the following thread. You might want to have a look at that idea and comment your opinion as well.

Broadly speaking, the farming rate will be ever so slightly slower in the early ages until you’ve surrounded your TC and/or mill with farms. The loss of farming speed from the right-sided villagers will be gained by the left-side villagers since they’ve all been shifted half a tile to the right. So almost no effective change in farming rate, maybe a tiny difference with specific farming arrangements.

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there is a filter on game mode on the left side,
i personally like to play all kinds of games and i just dont like that i now have to go through all RM games then see if i find EW, KOTH, …

i just feel co op is something different. im just mildly annoyed by that change.
i know that mulit select elements are usually really annoying and i have no clue how to solve that particular UI issue properly (if it is a problem for anyone else but me)

  • Alt+F4 & Queue Dodging: We’re aware and a fix is coming very soon. This is an issue we’ll be monitoring and managing on an ongoing basis once the solution is Live, to ensure that players who are using this tact to dodge queues aren’t finding new ways to abuse the system. Once this is Live we’ll want your feedback, so please go to our forums or Tweet at us and let us know how it’s performing. We’ll have more information shortly as we get closer to this change.

I’m happy the devs are working in this. it will probably take a good amount of patches, but hopefully the Ladder in teamgames becomes an excelent experience.

I like the patch, even when I don’t have the dlc.

i have played 4 EW games 2 of them crushed…Multiplayer crushes are so often right now…Needs to be fixed

Some EW maps are bugged.

Is anyone else crashing a lot?


Here i am…6 games 4 of them crushed. And even if not crushed i need to close and re-open the game to be able to play once again.

EW has a new ladder. Everyone start as new player with 1000 elo on the ladder. Currently kind of everyone can match against everyone. This will settle down in a few days after many players find their real spot on the ladder.

The same was true when DE just started. So it is just some days and some games which can be one sided, but after these games, it will function like the RM 1v1 ladder, which is pretty good.

Note: After writing this post, i understand your game crAshes, instead of you getting crUshed. Not sure why, but the full multiplayer experience is today bad. I even made the following thread about this:

Or do you experience a different kind of crash?

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I can’t find any unranked lobby if I set filters.
If I remove them I see games, even those I should have seen with filters on.
I’m sad :frowning:

Make a bug report please.

You know what hurts…I was about to win all games i played…EW is the game mode i was longing for.I wanted to achieve something viable i belive in myself to be in top 1000 in this mode .(my 1v1 ranked elo is about 1.5k-1.6k) i know im noob but what makes me noob is build orders and dark&feudal stuff (eco generaly speaking) As EW is about more millitary strategies i was so hyped at first but .Game counted me as loser at 2 matches while i was clearly upperhand …
first crush is just CTD
second crush was game freeze
in both i was counted as loser.Feels so bad dude.Hope it is fixed.

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it’s called “to crash, crashed, crashed”. the game crashed to desktop. “to crush, crushed, crushed” is a different verb.

well, you have to live with the crashing for a while.
say goodbye to ew. and all other game modes 11.

I’ve just done it. :face_with_monocle:

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No, as in the “packed town center” object that can be unpacked to build a TC