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I was happy to see Dracula’s campaign in the Forgotten Empires DLC, especially since Age of Empires II is such a popular game.

Romania was never important in the play of major powers, which is why most historical games ignore Romania, but I was sightly dissapointed to notice that there’s no Vlach culture, instead the players plays with 3 different civillizations: the Turks, the Magyars and the Slavs.

Can you make an update with the Vlach culture? With the Definitive Edition releasing sometime this fall, it can be a part of it.

It shouldn’t be too much of an effort, considering that it’s Eastern European like the Magyars and Slavs most buildings and units will look the same.

I can help with research.

Like Slavs, the Vlach culture had Boyars as nobles and Orthodoxy as religion, this is because the Vlach culture was influenced by the Slavic one, although Orthodox Christianity comes from the Byzantines. But it was different in many ways.

If you don’t like the Impaler unique unit from that link and want to keep Boyars unique you can use any of the following for Vlach unique units:
I personally like Wallachian Calvalryman, they are more realistic than Impalers.

If you don’t like the Bran Castle, the wonder can be Sucevita Monastery/Painted Monastery.
One of the painted monasteries of Bucovina, that is currently an UNESCO heritage site.

For civillization bonuses:

  • Knights cost 15% less (The Order of the Dragon was created with the purpose of defeating the Ottoman Empire. The nickname “Tepes” is the Romanian equivalent of “the Impaler”, “Teapa” means spike in Romanian, the real name of Vlad Tepes was Vlad Dracul, Dracul meant the Dragon)
  • Villagres have 20% more armor (Vlach military was strict, every peasant was trained to defend himself and those that refused were put to death)
  • Skirmishers fire 20% faster (Since they were most of the time outnumbered, Vlachs used harassment and hit and run tactics a lot)
    Team Bonus: Villagers carry 20% more food (There was serfdom in Wallachia, affecting Gypsies and foreign slaves but also the local population, most of the population was made of farmers and shepherds)

For language you can use Romanian, this is the first written doccument in Romanian from 1521, it is still understanable in modern Romanian.
“As opposed to the first documents of other languages, which are in general more ancient, the Romanian language used in this letter is very similar to the language spoken in the present day”.

For AI rulers you can use:

  • Stephen III the Great (1435 - 1504) - Prince of Moldavia that won renown in Europe for his long resistance to the Ottoman Turks.
  • Michael II the Brave (1558 - 1601) - Prince of Wallachia, he achieved the first union of Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia (the three principalities largely inhabited by Vlachs).
  • Vlad III the Impaler (1431 - 1476) - Prince of Wallachia, that the campaign Dracula is about.
  • Constantin Brancoveanu (1654 – 1714) - Prince of Wallachia.
  • Basarab I the Founder (Before 1310 - 1352) - Founder of Wallachia.
  • Bogdan I the Founder (Before 1307 - 1367) - Founder of Moldavia.
  • Mircea the Elder (1355 - 1418) - Prince of Wallachia.
  • Dimitrie Cantemir (1673 – 1723) - Prince of Moldavia.
  • Vlad II the Dragon (Before 1395 - 1447) - Prince of Wallachia, father of Vlad the Impaler and son of Mircea the Elder.
  • Radu the Fair (1437 - 1475) - Prince of Wallachia, younger brother of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Matei Basarab (1588 - 1654) - Prince of Wallachia.
  • Alexandru Lapusneanu (1499 - 1568) - Prince of Moldavia.

I hope a dev will see this message. Please, make it happen, it would mean a lot to many Romanians.


I have to disagree with you, Romanian principates, specialy Walachs, played a huge role within the major powers of Europe, they stopped the turks on their own when the major powers combined could not. Walachs led lots of the crusades sent by the popes too. They were the thick wall of Europe defending it from muslims, and they succeded that even if they fought 1 to 30 in numbers every fight and every war with the turks.


I liked this, good read :slight_smile:
Yes, it’s a shame they made a campaign about the famous Vlad Dracula and haven’t used Romanian. Like… really?


Well, Wallachia, Moldovia Transylvania were a part of the Ottoman empire anyway they paid tribute and gave them young boys for their Jannissary corps. We also know that in the end Vlad’s head was send to Mehmet II. They slowed down the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans but should this all be really the reason to put this Civ into the game? Tell us more about the pre-Ottoman time please.

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Wallachia and Moldovia were one of the more resistant nations against the Ottoman Empire. While never being a major power, Vlachs managed to be a pain in the butt for almost any invader they had.

The first mention of Vlach rulers dates back to the 9th century when the Duchy of Menumorut, Duchy of Glad and Duchy of Gelou were gradually defeated in Transylvania and incorporated in the Principality of Hungary.

In 1277, Vlach ruler Litovoi revolted against the Kingdom of Hungary in Wallachia by refusing to pay tribute. The rebellion ended in 1278 when Litovoi was killed in battle and his brother Bărbat taken prisoner by the Kingdom of Hungary. After Bărbat paid his ransom and recognized Hungarian sovereignty he took his brother’s throne.

In 1330, the Vlach ruler Basarab I revolted against the Kingdom of Hungary in Wallachia and defeated the much larger force of the Kingdom of Hungary. The most notable victory was the Battle of Posada where 10.000 Wallachian troops defeated 30.000 Hungarian troops. The Wallachians suffered light casualtiles while the Hungarians suffered very heavy casualtiles. Establishing Wallachia as a fully independent state.

In 1346, the Vlach ruler Bogdan I revolted against the Kingdom of Hungary in Moldavia and defeated the Vlach Dragos who was a vassal of the Kingdom of Hungary, declaring Moldavia a fully independent state. The Kingdom of Hungary did not recognise Moldavia’s independence and attacked Bogdan I to retake Moldavia but after another defeat it recognized Moldavia’s independence.

In 1389, the Vlach ruler Mircea Basarab the Elder defeated the Ottoman invasion of Sultan Beyazid I and took Dobruja for Wallachia. In 1394, Beyazid I crossed the danube to retake Dobruja and make a vassal out of Wallachia with over 40,000 men, while Wallachia only had about 10.000 men. Using hit and run tactics, Mircea the Elder defeated Beyazid I at the Battle of Rovine and the invasion ended. In 1417, after the death of Mircea the Elder, Wallachia became a vassal to the Ottoman Empire.

There is also:

Vlad the Impaler (he is in Age of Empire II’s campaign), who in spite of his cruel tendencies made many reforms in Wallachia, even founded the now capital city of Bucharest and made quote a resistance against the Ottoman Empire desprie of as always being outnumbered.

Stephen the Great and Holy, he was highly religious, didn’t like wars and wished for peace with other countries, but did what he had to do to protect Moldavia, for every victory against the Ottoman Empire he built a new church to thank God, because of him the region of is full of churches to this day. He defeated the Ottomans, the Wallachians, the Hungarians, the Tatars and the Poles, though not at the same time. The Pope called him “verus christianae fidei athleta” meaning true Champion of Christian Faith. In his lifetime he won 48 out of 46 battles. He was eventually defeated by the Ottomans and forced to pay tribute.

Michael the Brave, he unified Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania into fully independent Romanian state for the first time since King Decebalus ruled the Kingdom of Dacia. Michael the Brave became the ruler of Wallachia in 1593, defeated the Ottoman Empire in 1595. His most famous victory is the Battle of Calugareni where 10.000 Wallachian troops and 5.000 mercenaries defeated 100.000 Ottoman troops. He became ruler of Transylvania in 1599 and ruler of Moldavia in 1600, uniting all romanian provinces under a single state. His ruler over Transylvania wasn’t recognized by the Holy Roman Empire but he was the de facto ruler nonetheless. However, he was assassinated in 1601 at the orders of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II and the union ended.


That’s not true at all. Wallachians played a huge role. Wallachians were fierce warriors fightings for other major powers as mercenaries, they were very popular at that time. They payed tribute few times to Otomans but that’s it. Turks never succeded in conquering Moldavia and Wallachia. They never been parts of Ottoman empire, that’s a huge missunderstanding, dont’t know from what website u did get that info from :smile: D

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Exactly, plus Stephan the Great had the title of “Athlete of God” given by Pope of Vatican himself. Exactly as Attila received the nickname " Whip of God".

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I was born and live in Europe. They never mentioned the Romanians, Wallachians etc during my school time in history lessons or in tv documentaries at all. I guess they haven’t played any important role in European history. Someone wrote that the Ottomans gathered 100.000 troops?! And lost against 15.000 men? How can the Ottomans gather so many troops if they were mostly in wars with Safavids in the east (the biggest threat) and others during that time period?

It was actually 16 000 vs 30 000 - 40 000, but still impressive


It seems your country schools don’t teach enough history :slight_smile: . For example the Night atack of Targoviste is part of Guiness Book set as number 1 the most psihological battle in human history :stuck_out_tongue: 23,844 impaled Turks in the famous Forest of the Dead.The entire Europe was horrified and turks retreated. Those 2 principates of Romania allready have their own campaign in forgotten empires : The Dracula
campaign. :smiley: but istead of using valachians and moldavians they use slavs and maghiars. So half of the job is allready done, but they need to add this 2 civilizations to be historical accurate. p.s. the 2 great leaders of valachia and moldavia (Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula and Stefan the Great) were cousins

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I also visited Istanbul, Turkey, Topkapi museum. There is the sword of Stefan the Great that Sultans wanted to be brought to them after his death as a sign of recognition and respect

Moldavian flag and warrior

MengiKok, I think you are trying to be disrespectful for some reason, Romanians played a crucial role in the defence of Europe in the middle ages against the Ottoman Empire as well as eastern invaders. Not only did we learn about this in schools, but there’s plenty of documentaries as well, not to mention about written documents of the time and evidence found in battlefields.


I said that it seems like that the Europeans don’t see you as the guardians of Europe because they don’t teach about you in their history classes nor are there documentaries etc on tv. Other Balkan nations see themselves as protectors of Europe too even though they were ruled by the Ottomans or had to pay taxes to them. I am from Germany btw. The Ottomans used mostly Jannissaries for their soldiers which as you all know were not Turks but Christian boys from the Balkans trained as converted fearless soldiers. I don’t know about the % in the Ottoman army how many were Jannissaries how many Turks how many other muslims how many cavalry, artillery etc. No need for polemic here.

Nicolae Vogoride, Ottoman Caimacam (Prince) of Moldavia Between 1857-1858

The western european school history is fake propaganda in order to make germany/france/englad look better in the eyes of their people, contributing to more nationalism, it is just a political strategy practiced for a long time, and u can see that also in Rusia or ex-sovietic countries.

I dont see germany as a major power in medieval history either, so were is the point?

The holy roman empire, the Goths, the Vandals, the Franks, the teutonic order weren’t a major power?

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Teutonic order was not a nation, just a knight order :smile: the same as Order of the Dragons from eastern Europe and Vlad the impaler and his father were members of it. Goths ?! here is some ancient history of Europe : Dacian kingdom was the most powerfull Thracian kingdom and they were the ancestors of romanians. Goths are the dacians that expanded in to the west of Europe. You can also find multiple sources of information in Upsala university in Sweeden (oldest university in Europe) regarding this fact. Holy Roman empire? Well, before that in Italian peninsula was the Roman empire that had 3 Dacian rulers, and also in the city of Rome u can see the Column of Traian Emperor(quoted him self that he has Dacian blood), the monument that depicts the Roman-Dacian wars, and how Dacians were the only civilization that they never succeded in conquering. Instead they payed tribute to Dacians and learned from them cuz Dacians were the most advanced in Europe at metal working at that time. Hole Europe would be 500 years back technologicaly without Dacians. But that’s just ancient history, we are talking about medieval times on this topic.

In short:

  • the western europeans teach wrong history and make propaganda but your history teachings are true.

  • The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary also known as the Teutonic knights (in Latin Ordo domus Sanctæ Mariæ Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum , in German Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus der Heiligen Maria in Jerusalem ) were not Germans.

  • The Goths are not a germanic tribe who originally came from Götaland in southern Sweden but they came from the Dacians.

  • “Hole Europe would be 500 years back technologicaly without Dacians”

Ok thanks for clarification, i know a lot more about Romanian history now.