Age of empires III DE Crash

Hello, i am writing this topic because the game crash all the time in 4v4 or FFA for me, its happen after 30 minutes of gameplay and then randomly the .exe stops working.

My pc reach the minimum requirements, i can play the game fluid until there is a lot of unit in the map, then the game start to stuttering.

My Spec:

Windows 10 PRO 64 bits 18363
Intel Pentium G4560 @3.50GHz (4 CPUs) ~ I play the game at medium settings too
AMD Radeon RX 570 Series 8GB VRM

So i dont know what is the cause of why the crashes, if it happen because my hardware its to old (especially my cpu) or if is the game that is poorly optimized like so many people complain, if that is the issue i hope it gets fixed soon because this is so annoying.

PD: Sorry if my typing wasn’t good, i don’t know if there exist a spanish forums so this was the only place i could write.


Hi VitalBox068,

Your processor is indeed quite old / not fit for gaming when it was released.
So it might be that this is the reason why it crashes. But without more info that will be hard to determine! Wish you lots of luck :slight_smile:

Yours Truly,

idk what to tell u man, i know my cpu its quite old but it handle well a lot of games of last generation
i was cheking too in the steam forums and i saw people who has the same problem as well, and they have high-end hardwares
So i hope they give a solution to this or patch it the soon as posible because i really like this game!! :frowning:

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what image does appear when crash?

like this?
because i have a ryzen 3900x and this happens when many units on map


I am getting the same crash. It happened while I was double clicking on a unit. So bizarre. This is the non-steam version of the game.


GTX1060 6GB
i5 6600K
32GB DD4 3200MHZ

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My computer just auto-restarting! Help, please
GTX1050 2GB + 8GB VRAM
FX 8300
16 GB DDR3
Temperature is normal, 30-60. I do not know what’s the problem?

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Happens to me aswell, on multiplayer, 3v3 or 4v4 matches, around 30 min in the game.

Is frustrating

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Hi @Roman22119456,
If your PC is auto restarting that’s a different issue than this and might not be an issue related to the game. Figuring out why your pc is doing that will be very dificult to do without all the information.

I would suggest to visit the LinusTechTips forums to seek help there!

Yours Truly,

Yeah I own a Ryzen 3600 and when I try to move 200+ Units around it also starts to glitch and slow down.
The pathfinding also gets real wonky, it’s worse than in the original version. So there are some serious things going wrong in their code haha!


I remmember, that many crashed has started with beta build version “before Sweeden unlocking”. My computer just to auto-restarting! This was NOT (somewhere about) in the first three or four beta builds!

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exactly the same, the game freezes and then the pop up
it happen to me most of the time when i am attacking someone

For what are u guys talking is obviously this is a issue from the game and devs need to fix it soon as possible, please we really like this game but we cant deal with this is so annoying!!!


Very strange indeed!

Me Too, every time I play online!!!

I have Ryzen 5 2600x whith Nvidia GTX 980 and 16gb of ddr4.

FPS of this game is not stable, which can swing from 10s-1000s maybe. this cause high temperature especially for laptop. high temperature crash the graphics driver. i lock maximum fps to 60 globally, the option is in nvidia control panel. after i do this, game never crash again.

i dont find the option to 60fps on panel control

Same issue, in team games online it crashes after some time of gameplay.

I noticed that my system is using over 80% of the ram (I have 16 gb) and over 3,5 gb of my 1050ti.

This game below was a 3x3 treaty 20 min, I cleared the enemy, so there weren’t as many building as earlier in the game. One of the guys was hiding villagers, so couldn’t finish the game because it crashed…

this happens when u are taking down enemy’s buildings but the devs are blind or idk and still think they dont know what is causing this :smiley:

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Yeah I am crashing a lot too, try to lower your graphic options, however it must be a game’s problem.

Same, I have a Ryzen 3600 and RTX 2080s, crashed while i was in late game.

So, they didnt fix it with this last patch?