📰 Age of Empires III: DE Development Update (and a Call to Action!)

Good day, everyone! I wanted to provide you with an update as we work towards the next patch for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition!

This week, we pulled together a bunch of new fixes, features, and other improvements to the game into a new build for you. As it undergoes testing and preparation for release, we continue to focus on the crashes and technical issues being reported by our players. While we are putting in every effort to investigate, reproduce, and diagnose these issues internally, the best way for us to effectively (and quickly) troubleshoot these problems is to work directly with those of you experiencing them first-hand.

If you find that you’re experiencing crashes regularly, we ask you to reach out to our support team for assistance:


They will not only provide troubleshooting steps to help you work around the issue, but will work with you to collect the logs and files that will help our team diagnose and fix the crashes for everyone!


I’m glad you people are putting in a lot of effort to patch up the game. Too bad the game was initially rushed to release.

We appreciate the work.


Keep working ! Thanks for making our game better ! :slight_smile:


This is great news. I am looking forward for that update.
Really appreciate you keeping us informed


Thanks for keeping the game alive, really appriciated.


Just a friendly reminder …

Show the players decks in the lobby for Treaty games

… because of this missed feature, many treaty players are not playing this game anymore.


Good to hear from you. But while you are working on fixing bugs, it will be great if official mod tool is also on its way

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i agre that treaty needs some way for us to make decisions. making a “no noobs” lobby just for clear noobs to join is not fun.

I’ve said it before but i say it again: the beginner deck should have been treaty deck instead, or at least give people a heads up when they search ranked or join a lobby that the game mode require decks specialized towards upgrades.


Excellent. We for sure need some balance changes that are ruining ranked play though. I see a large amount of people using Japan and Sweden because they are both OP right now. I worry about losing new players because of this.

My hopes for this patch:

  • Let us zoom out more
  • Let us see player decks in lobby

This is fact, however Sweden is still not really big nerfed this time and Japan even didn’t get any nerfed.

Thank you for all the work and fixing some of the most annoying bugs such as the card selection bug and the campaigns crashing bug (now they are playable)

More than balance changes please focus on the debbuging

And Thanks for all the great work


In treaty mode, its keep lag during gaming.
Its usually happened when treaty end and the war just start.

Already send data to official team.