Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 13.12327

Portugal and Karelian Lakes can be played without owning Knights of the Mediterranean (haven’t tested Rhine). Is that by design, or is that an accident?

Also, Wettin isn’t listed as one of the possible settlements in Portugal, but I definitely ran into them there.

the tp changes means we might be going back to atp meta, spain will be op again

idk, but even with my ■■■■■■ internet, it took about 3 min to get updated. Maybe antivirus shenanigans, it caused lots of problems with installation for me earlier before I whitelisted steam folders.

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French? Great Eco with strong native
Haudenosaunee strong native in late game

the tps now also give xp trickle , so spain atp can basically go xp on steriods with logistician and spam age 1 shipments.

spain also has the dog to capture tps

most civs would be dead trying to fight the age 2 natives be damned


The method to build the trade post via the button is unaffected by ATP and ATP was nerfed substantially.

Also, the xp trickle is (iirc) half of what it was when EP tried this.

That being said, this is certainly something we will be keeping an eye out for, but it has been considered before implementing the change.


Nice knowing you folks have been brainstorming, testing, discussing and iterating about these issues plaguing these mechanics for so long.

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W8 its unaffected, so what about this part of the patch notes?

What is the Alliances here a reference to, I was under the impression that its the natives

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I stand corrected on that. I didn’t realize this change took place already.


Wait, in the map for Portugal it says it has the Wittelsbach Royal House. Did they meant to write Wettin?

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From what I understood, the problem is not downloading 300mb, but modifying 30gb of game files, which probably means that the SSD is not fast enough

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isso acontece comigo também

When I went to play them game after the update went live, the game was already updated, so I have no idea how long it took for me.

Man the wakina FI feels good, guard upgrades and then spam wakina shipments, make clubs and +20% HP

Definitely, we will get the Haudenosaunee update next month.


This is the rework I’m waiting for.
Haudenosaunee is one of the dullest civilizations in the game. They have nothing special, even by their own bonus.


Portugal is also one of the most boring and weakest civs right now and needs to be changed too


mantlets are awesome
prowlers are amazing
musket riders are cost effective
kanya are
light cannons are utilitarian

All very nice, but when will the Incas be allowed to use Mortars and Light Cannons in Age III?

I would like to think that this card did not end up being exclusive to the Lakota. :expressionless:

I’m not saying their goon+ skirmisher combo is bad. I’ve been demolished by them. :joy: It’s just that they shine as being a Euro reskin. But they are boring in my opinion. What are their perks? They are quite outdated in design.

  • They have no special units (apart of Rams and Mantles). Everything else is reskin.
  • Rams are impractical in aoe3. Too slow. Too restrained.
  • Mantlets are units which you can’t find practical use for. Any resources spent on them are better used on cheaper/versatile units which can absorb and do damage as well.
  • Light cannons are pretty good but they are locked to Industrial Age. I hope the rework includes them into a couple of Fortress Age cards.
  • Their support cards are bad to say the least. It’s an interesting approach having economic perks + military perks, but in the end they don’t prevail. Support and military cards should be apart
  • They have no special building although they get a few travois
  • They lost their merit as the travois/building civilization. Most D.E. civs look like a Ford Factory facility, having easier, better and faster travois and useful buildings as well
  • Their travois can’t build trading post for some reason, ever since the Fan patch removed it from the starting travois. Meanwhile…USA has a facility of cheap travois.
  • Some big buttons and cards are mediocre and really need a revamp. Specially the ones around siege units.
  • They only have two situational dances, which are miles away from Aztec’s. Inca have more useful dances. Siege dance is much more impactful for Lakota even when not having special dancers.

Out of everything I mentioned I’m quite curious about Mantlets and Rams. I think that bumping their speed to at least 4.0 (they are not made iron) could help, but even so I’m skeptical.