Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 13.18214

The latest update for has arrived! :partying_face:

The new patch includes the Peacemaker Community Event, three new maps, 140 new profile icons, new customizations, bug fixes, performance improvements, balance changes, and the new :house: Home City and 11 new cards for the Haudenosaunee!

:scroll: Explore the full list of changes in our new blog post: Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Update 13.18214 - Age of Empires


Very good balance except for Italy and hadenosaune


Trumple mode buff. Best day ever.



(20 exclamations points ftw)

Edit: isn’t Mediterranean almost like one of those M0zilla’s concept map ? :thinking:

Mmm italy received some good changes, no doubt, but there are still some issues…

  • their opening is still a bit weird… you need to gather a ton of gold to get steel traps otherwise I personally feel that I’m always loosing on something… getting capitalism earlier with the 1.05 penalty will now help, don’t know if it’ll be enough…

  • one the military side instead they received a lot of nerfs, and only 1 buff on the pavisier shipment, a unit that isn’t that good…

Still, I’m happy for their architect and lombard buffs…


Klamath lost too much combat stats and needs a revert imo.


THANK YOU Devs! :star2:
Every major update is filled with excellent QoL, small and big content additions, fixes and tweaks, whole systems… It’s crazy how much 3DE has grown since its release.
Maps looks very promising. Mediterranean looks great!

BTW - I was getting close to collecting all profile icons (missed one, first event). I guess with
140 New Weekly Profile Icons in mind I don’t expect uninstalling 3DE for at least… 2,6 years? :smiley:

edit: haven’t finished reading notes, just launched the game to unlock new Iroquois cosmetics, but since I’m a bit pedantic about these things, I have to mention I hope ‘Extensive Fortifications 2’ shipment tech icon will get an update in the future. It’s not anywhere near being a problem, both techs are even in different eras, I just think it will look much better when there is no repetition.

It can be the same icon, updated maybe with second ‘house’ structure in the background, better (red clay tiles?) roof, maybe some iron pile connectors in the palisade? Simple update.


No balance changes to Ottoman’s Barbary Revolt??! It’s been banned in the MS-sponsored tournament.

The saloon technology is bugged and equates an imperial upgrade for 500 resources in age 3/4. 320 hp barbary coirsairs with 8 speed, and you can send 16 infinite 60% range resist skirms w/6 speed behind. Joke revolt, joke strategy, expect a hot fix ngl.

Removing the TC wagon in age 3 just means ship fort, go IV, ship 2 TC.

Most balance changes are really good! And always have been, so I was shocked this one slipped past!

If mid Elos are blasting top Elos with this, what does that mean for the majority of the player base? They’ll keel over and uninstall!


Well in that case I better take this opportunity to climb to 2k elo :slight_smile:

I’m so excited for the carbine cav target lock.


ok so china changes are just blockhouse and goat effectively which is good. the only thing left is to revert the french consulate and I think china is just about what it should be.

new galaxy brain strat against haud lategame wood eco, send a gren into the woodline

The ‘extensive fortifications’ card should affect the new Mayan castle.

They should also enable its reconstruction.