Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 15.30007

malta cant send 8xbow, or 10inf xbow. France cant send 8xbow either.


:joy: Why do they even have a pup at this point it causes more trouble than they fix.


I think you forgot something.
There were a “6 poruchiks” card age 2 for Russian, were it is? I can’t find it.
Do I need you to remember that Russian are a freaking “D” tier civ?

With all respect, please, thanks.


the card is in the files, but someone forgot to add it to the techtree file lol

  1. Can we stop trying to balance unnecessary units like the Giant Grenadier, Just leave them at 3 pop, there are other issues like 20000 HP Malta forts, Gattling camels and the RAM Leak that has never been fixed.

  2. Can we please just actually nerf Abus Guns already, 2 seconds slower train time last patch and now 5 extra coins in this patch. Just nerf their damage already (from age 4 and up) and why do they have to have 22 range in age V?


What issue is this? The italian forts were the issue because they were free. Maltas forts are no different to any other civs forts. They cost the same, can be built/rebuilt from age 3 like with mexico/usa/inca. Malta in fact can achieve lower hp forts than other civs because whilst malta has extensive fortifications it only has team building hp instead of regular building hp so maltese forts are lower hp than italian forts for example.

Unaware of the gatling camel issue as well, what is that?


Yeah, I have to chime in on this one. The giant grenadier was unusable as an overtuned 3 pop unit. As a 2-pop unit, it is usable, once you get the damage balanced. That’s a good thing.

The 20,000 hp forts aren’t an issue. You have to send several cards to get them and what it buys you is a few extra shots from a mortar battery. By Imperial, you ought to easily be able to take them down with a dedicated effort and if you’re trying to run mass cav around and take them out, you deserve to take some losses. Forts should be something you respect on the map and make an effort to take out. Otherwise why have the fortification? Yes, you can rebuild them. No, it’s not fast. Yes, it costs a fortune to do it. It’s not broken, even with the Hungary revolution. Again, you just make mortars to take them out while your front line takes advantage of the Age 4-capped units they’ll be defending with.

I will agree on the memory leak. I play on an old laptop with 8 Gb RAM. It gets very laggy after a game or two. I don’t want to feel like I have to restart the game for decent performance every time. It’s an old bug that’s been in for forever. It needs to be addressed.


Why did I fail the first week of this Event? I played the Skirmish last week playing as Russians civ. Today I turned on the game and this is what greeted me.

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The update before last I got all my HC levels wiped, all customizations locked and back to level 1, all decks deleted, all profile picks locked and explorer customizations locked. Welcome to DE. Don’t bother contacting support.


Do you always sign in with your xbox live account as well after starting the game?

Doing that might have saved you from this. Stay strong man and contact Support ! I’m sure they can rectify this.

Yeah I do like 90% of the time, sometimes I forget.

I already contacted them several times, unfortunately they give you a list of basic stuff to do then stop replying if that didn’t work.

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The idea of abus is that it is artillery (although it does not have that label). That’s why they have range and power, and that’s why they have siege damage instead of projectile damage.

Personally, I think they should have a lower cadence than other light infantry. (3.5 seconds maybe?)

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The ESOC team actually had Abus Guns with a 3.5 rof at least at one point.


DE did too on release. it was that way for more than a year iirc


The ottoman lobby was too strong. 3.5 rof Abus guns couldn’t be allowed to stand I guess lol


tbh its not even that, the way they changed it was a double straight buff

it had 40 atk at 3.5 rof so it had like 11.4 dps

with the change it has 36 atk at 3 rof so it has 12 dps

they made it fire 14% faster but only reduced the damage by 10% so it is just doing more damage then it did before.

so you have a nice QoL arguably but then also just a DPS increase.

if the damage was like 30 or even 33 it would have been more comparable


Was kinda a post in jest. But it does sometimes feel like Otto gets buffed because people like it lol

Thanks for the math breakdown though. I actually hadn’t looked into their dps, at least not recently enough to remember

I do feel like there is a bit of recency bias in otto changes, cause for a good period of time there were basically none at least in my memory

like base DE otto was kinda vanilla and besides things like nizams, which were kinda cheese and not the refined BO we have now.

alot of the otto buffs came in 2022 with the KOM dlc, even the abus changes. It almost feels like otto was a third civ for the DLC but just updated afterwards.

I would not be surprised thinking about it now that its a similar concept to what the current aoe 2 dlc is doing, 2 new civs + a old civ rework, except aoe 2 managed to do it as a complete package.

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Of course, if the next AoE 3 dlc is in Eastern Europe it will come with Russian or Swedish rework… if it is in Central Asia or the Middle East, perhaps it will come with an Indian rework and if it is in the SEA or Korea, it will come with a Chinese or Japanese rework …

I would like to make a suggestion to the developers, could Ranching and Llama Ranching shipments have the side effect of altering all sheep shipments?

Before Llama Ranching
Ships 7 Sheep and 1 Homestead Wagon
After Llama Ranching
Ships 7 Llamas and 1 Homestead Wagon

Before Llama Ranching
Ships 15 Sheep and 1 Homestead Wagon
After Llama Ranching
Ships 15 Llamas and 1 Homestead Wagon

Note: Another alternative would be for the sheep to be sent half-fattened after sending the Ranching or Llama Ranching cards, but I think that would involve giving them a resource cost or making them age II or age III.

I think that applying any of these changes would make it more fun and viable to use the livestock mechanics in the game, but obviously this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face: