Age of empires III windows 10

hello everyone,

I’m trying to install AoE3 on a windows 10. I have the 3 game discs, product key, etc. But I get the 1603 fatal error during installation. Is there a fix for this? maybe the discs aren’t compatible with windows 10? any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Hello, and welcome to the community!

Try the following: Error 1603 Resolution

thanks for your reply.
i came across that page before. no luck :
I tried to clean up disk space as well. download just stops at updating component registration.

I haven’t found a solution to this >.< wanted to see if I could find one before buying a new one. I haven’t played in 10 years, i miss it.

I am 99% certainly off topic with this answer, but if the computer/harddrive has installed packages since earlier from ex External harddrive etc or / with AoE3/Mod material then those hidden files can prove ‘spooky/malicious’ to the game.

Unistall the game, delete remaining aoe3 folders, mini-files etc.
Then install again.

Ignore this post if the computer hasnt ever been in contact with AoE3 material before.

… Otherwise if the CD -disc is older than the invention of windows 10, maybe a mini-patch is needed to be downloaded for your disc to function…
I remember doing something like that twice in the past.
I ended up googling it or something.
Sorry for only raising more questions.

Hello thanks for replying.
yeah, AoE3 has never been downloaded in my laptop.
Is there a way to just transfer the game from the pc to my laptop? I have a usb drive.

also whats the mini patch?

Again, thank you.

I just copied it from the hard drive and it worked. I dont know how or why. Its good to play this awesome game again!

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