Age of empires Industrial age?

So, I have been thinking alot about a potential version of age of empires.

In this version, the game is dominated by cannons and other forms of artillery, as well as world war 1 level warfare.

Players can construct the following: barbed wire, trenches, emplacements for artillery, balloons, etc.

The combat revolves around heavy shelling by long range (but inaccurate) guns, with charges by cavalry breaking enemies.

The strategic game is won or lost by controlling gunpowder, and cutting supply lines to and from the source of gunpowder for each side would be critical for victory.

Both pikemen and men at arms have been replaced. Instead, the muskets have the bayonet technology, allowing them to act as pikemen.

palisades have been replaced with barbed wire, which can only be cut by sappers (the unit that men at arms evolves into) Barbed wire would slow and damage units attempting to cross it, and sometimes inflict a stun status effect for 3-5 seconds.

Trenches are now a thing. While in a trench, infantry have a 90% chance to be missed by ranged projectiles.

Emplacements have been added. These take 90% reduced damage from artillery fire, and artillery can set up inside to fire out.

Artillery range is triple the current range.

Balloons grant expansive sight over the battlefield.

Would this be a mod you would like to see?

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Didnt empire earth try this ages ago.