Age of Empires IV Collectors Edition Poll

Besides a large box and a Steam download code for Age of Empires IV, what would you like to see in a potential Age of Empires IV Collectors Edition? If there is something you would like to see included in such a release which is not listed, please leave a comment.

Age of Empires IV Collectors Edition Wishlist
  • Signed Thank You Letter from World’s Edge
  • Craig Mullins Art Hardback Book
  • Print Unit Counters Chart
  • Print Technology Tree(s)
  • Digital Soundtrack 16-bit 44.1KHz FLAC
  • Soundtrack CD Set Signed by Composer Mikolai Stroinski
  • Age of Empires IV Poster 18" x 24" or larger
  • Release Civilization Posters 8 1/2" x 11" or larger
  • Enamel Pins for Release Civilizations
  • Full Color Bandanas for Release Civilizations
  • Stickers for Release Civilizations
  • Game Accurate Trebuchet Mechanical Model
  • Game Accurate Unique Unit Figurine
  • Making of Age of Empires IV Bluray or Digital Download
  • Print Game Manual

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Additional Options

  • Steelbook
  • Physical Copy DVD or USB Flash Drive
  • Keychain

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For clarification, signing of items would be awesome but not required for inclusion of an item.


Prints are a necessity in this kind of special editions, specially art books


I know this is Age 4 discussion, but I really hope for some retroactive work specially for Age 2, the last printed thing I can think of is the conquerors expansion manual, since then 6 new expansions, new mechanics, campaigns ,releases … etc

Craig Mullins artbook isn’t just something we deserve, but something he deserves as well.

And for last, the manual can perfectly be ilustrated as well.


Digital edition is the way to go if you want to support the artist in the art and sound department also. I am kinda waiting on buying it because I need to know what monuments and coat of arms are (if they’re game-changing items then heck no… I am out).

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Poster is a must
Also , small statue is sweet, between , archers , knight , longsword


you are missing a simple steelbook :wink: that would be my #1 prio followed by a printed artbook - a soundtrack cd maybe, but the signing ( as in all cases) i deem not necessary


manaual? when did you last buy a physical game? :stuck_out_tongue: Manuals are gone xD (sadly)

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I’m a classic collector, so poster + print technology tree and/or manual (if this still exists today lol) + hardback artbook + HQ soundtrack + figurine (or various little ones, like Civilization V Collector’s Edition) would be already great. And a keychain, why not.

The trebuchet would be insanely awesome, but I simply doubt they would include such a mesmerizing thing.


Too bad I don’t think there will be a collector. there is less and less physical version even for big games.

A DVD “The Making of Age of Empires IV” in the same style that we had for the past titles would be really great. An insider’s look in Relic’s and World’s Edge studios including interviews with the team members and behind the scenes look at how the game was made.
Perhaps that will also shed some light on things that look strange right now.

I also made a topic about it some time ago.

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Print technology tree would be kinda useless since it would change regularly with balance patches so information on the print would become obsolete very fast, dont know why people vote for that.

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I would like some objects from age of empires 2, maybe a statue of a city center or a unit, or maybe a model of a base: city center with some buildings (house, barracks, etc …)

Just having units on the print tech tree without stats would be nice.

Why should you get AoE2 statues in a collectors edition for AoE4? Although I like the idea of having building assets as part of the collectors edition.

I didn’t think the physical or digital soundtrack would be at 10th place or lower. :thinking:


Maybe because AoE II’s buildings / units are the most iconic of the entire series?

maybe you shot a bit high with the autograph? thats Why I didnt choose it. its over the top

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Thinking about recreating the poll since I could not update it later because of a forum edit time limit.

Any other suggestions?

Yes, a nice quality print of a medieval map of the world, maybe a copy of the Catalan Atlas changed a bit maybe with AoE4 related stuff. It was the first advanced map of the known world. I dont think they need a license to make use of it. If not, a map in the medieval mapmaking style of the time (there be dragons, nice hand-drawn art etc)

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Apart from maybe generalising a bit more in instances like these, I dont think so - maybe add (signed) to make sure its optional :wink: and as mentioned, I like steelbooks. But your options were very well thought out imo :wink: