Age of Empires IV Collectors Edition Poll

Based upon feedback from the last poll, I decided to create a new one since my last poll could not be edited.

Besides a large box and a Steam download code for Age of Empires IV, what would you like to see in a potential Age of Empires IV Collectors Edition?

  • Thank You Letter from World’s Edge
  • Print Unit Counters Chart
  • Print Technology Tree
  • Print Game Manual
  • Craig Mullins Art Book Hardcover
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Game Soundtrack CD Set
  • Age of Empires IV Poster 18" x 24" or larger
  • Age of Empires IV Map of the World Poster 18" x 24" or larger
  • Release Civilizations Posters 8 1/2" x 11" or larger
  • Enamel Pins for Release Civilizations
  • Full Color Bandanas for Release Civilizations
  • Stickers for Release Civilizations
  • Game Accurate Trebuchet Mechanical Model
  • Game Accurate Unique Unit Figurine
  • Steelbook Edition
  • Game Copy on DVD or USB Flash Drive
  • Making of Age of Empires IV Bluray or Digital Download
  • Age of Empires IV Keychain

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I hope there is a collector’s edition. AOE fans deserve it! Thanks for the poll.


How about the other de games on usb kinda like the c&c collecters ed did (but on dvds).

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I didnt vote for the trebuchet or figure because of the max 8 votes and the price these 2 would mean. I doubt they would be part of a CE :slight_smile:
Although it would be VERY cool

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Physical Artbooks with game concept art and main visual illustrations, and physical OST CDs are must have!!!
I don’t like digital contents and one-time use items like stickers much.


I would like a model of the most representative buildings / units in the series, preferably Age of Empires II, a similar thing was done with the Collectors of Civilization VI who also celebrated 25 years of the series.

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I also don’t like digital stuff - I never use them.

Physical things are much better, for example, such an art book is better to view when it is a book, in PDF it does not have any charm. I would also prefer the soundtrack on the disc than in the digital version - then I could play the music in the player or in the car.


It’s nice if they created collectors in 8 variants, each of them would contain gadgets referring to a specific CIV (e.g. UU figurine, poster, stylized beer mug, etc.).

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I just want a game with the disc on it. Not a download code. And a big instruction manual with lots of information like the old games. I have low standards.

A physical edition with no game disc is pointless.

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I don’t really care about the the game disc, a digital code would do nicely for me. That being said though I’d want box art, tech tree, maybe some collectable stuff (stickers). Just an old school release for the long time fans!

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Digital stuff is pointless to me, if it’s a digital deluxe edition only I will simply buy the soundtrack at a different point if it’s good or listen to it on youtube if it’s only available that way.

I would kill for a physical edition with goodies. Artbook is #1 the best option but I still have my AOE1 tech tree hung up on my wall with my other posters and would love to put the AOE 1 and IV ones next to each other.

I also much prefer things like posters and artbooks and prints of in-game information to something like figurines or models. I’m a grown ■■■ man living in a small space who doesn’t have room for that ■■■■. And if your special edition is some giant ■■■ crate instead of the typically “thinner” box for these special editions (The AOE3 one used this standardized box) all to store a giant trebuchet model I won’t be able to display it’s probably one of the only deterrents I could have for buying a physical one.

while i do not see your curses, I have to admit I find your comment funny :smiley:
You see yourself as a grown man, therefore not having room for small figuirines. thats fine :smiley: but on the other hand you name posters. And, tbh, even if only clichee, Posters are THE main factor of any Teenagers room, not adults :;D

no offense, as said, just talking clichee here, and I do see your reasoning except the curses :wink: