Age of Empires IV - Developer Multiplayer Match (Rus gameplay)

Going on live now on Youtube.

Get a first-time look at Age of Empires IV gameplay as we show an exclusive 1v1 multiplayer match, featuring the Rus and Holy Roman Empire civilizations and hosted by Zak Robinson (ZeroEmpires) and Eric Wrobel of Relic Entertainment.


you were faster I saved the same post I will delete it

Well, it’s a completely different look when they play in full detail.

I don’t know why we can’t play my full details in the test.

I liked the match. Even if the game has flies, the game will probably be successful.

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That was very fun to watch.

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Because it isn’t their priority. The beta test is for multiplayer testing.

Yep, looks like a completely different game. Unfortunately for me it will never look or run as good on my machine. Starting to think I’m better off waiting before buying the game until a miracle happens and I can find a decent GPU that doesn’t cost 3x the MSRP.


I see that game is more solid than beta versions. I am getting more more positive when I see this video.


Game’s looking better that’s good. As long as they don’t lock people on low on release


The Rus actually seem more interesting than I thought. I’m glad that the developers are finding a nice balance of asymmetry in the civilizations.


If they just fix two things

  1. Custom hotkeys
  2. Unit responsiveness

I think this could be a great game. The potential is definitely there. But I will wait until I get a confirm that both has been corrected before buying.


this and to be able to mute unit/building selection sounds and Im fine with the game

and also be able to split unit groups

Someone will find a way to delete the bell sound and prevent it within 24 hours of launch, guaranteed.

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What build order does it look like they were using?

What exactly is different about it? Looks exactly the same to me.

Game graphics is max level and somehow it is more solid to me. Animations vs also are good to me.

They dont show build order. They show and introduce factions. I also watch spirit of law videos on youtube and ı saw some epic battles.

Russians seem fun to play.