Age of Empires iv disappeared from beta. Now age of Empires 4 has become very boring. And now it feels like age of Empires II

  1. Ballista will be blocked by fences.

  2. The swordsman has an attack miss and has a chance to block all ranged damage for one second.

  3. Once in melee, the crossbow attacks with a knife and benefits from the smithy’s melee damage.

  4. The bowman can attack while rebuffing the horse without being interrupted. No one uses it anymore.

  5. Pikemen do not slow down enemy units after attacking. Now it seems to be possible to slow down, hopefully a little bit more, and having soldiers ambush in the woods to keep the enemy soldiers on the ground would be very effective.

6.Chinese guan Dao has area damage.

7, before the tax officer in the two landmark upgrade. I would suggest that Chinese tax collectors need to transform their supervisory skills.

8.Ballista have area damage. Now the ballista is like a cannon. so boring

9.Delhi war elephants are very powerful and many are willing to play.

  1. The range defense of engineering weapons is not high, and the squad bow can quickly destroy attack weapons. The current siege weapon can’t be destroyed by a dozen knights and villagers repairing it.

  2. The crossbow’s attack range is one block (6 blocks) longer than the crossbowman’s.

Here are some of my suggestions and reasons:

  1. Since this is Age of Empires IV and not Age of Empires III, it should not be a legacy of Age II, but a bold design of the game to make it unique. 4. There is Age of Empires ii, I don’t need to play Age of Empires 2-1. Therefore, Age of Empires IV should have more interesting mechanics instead of getting boring and becoming Age of Empires II. That’s why I wrote the 13 things above.

2-1. “relics” are now stored in churches, just as they were in Empire II. Monks can heal soldiers. So relic’s ability should heal soldiers in a wide range. When we think of sacred objects, sacred objects should be the reason why soldiers fight for this war. Therefore, we should change the relic to a buff that strengthens soldiers.

2-2. Relics should be unique rather than identical to each other, like age of Empires II. Each artifact should be different, at least in color, so that they can be distinguished, and the artifact that has been used should be different from the artifact that has not been used so that the player can tell the difference.

2-3. Since the relic is unique, the skill of the relic can be different, so that the player can target the loot and strategy. For example, “golden relics” can produce a lot of gold. For example, the “Green Relic” heals units within range. You can’t have too many sacred things on one map. I want to see massive battles and battles over one relic, not many. Players will say, “It doesn’t matter if you lose a relic.” Holy things should not be so cheap.

The soldier’s charge should be very fast, not the same as nothing. The soldier’s charge should be stronger than any buff so that Age of Empires IV is not like Age of Empires II. It is suggested that the Mongol acceleration buff is available only to cavalry. Apart from Delhi, Mongolia is the only nation with effective charge movement speed. Mongolia is too strong. This should be an effect that every nation can enjoy. This allows lancers to effectively target cavalry, not age of Empires ii. Now “France” is played exactly like France in Age of Empires II. It’s boring. Why can the Knights only kill the peasants, but not the army?

this is like another AOE2? no joke.


i feel it was very like aoe2.feel very like when you play it.when you cut down many trees ,villiages are in danager,it very like aoe2.and many play have in aoe2 already.if relic no T skill ,it just aoe2’s relic.for gold

no it doesn’t feel like aoe2 at all. thanks for posting tho


did we play the same game? AOE4 with the very different civs does not play like AOE2 at all.