Age of Empires IV Gameplay Reveal Trailer

You can watch it here: Age of Empires IV Gameplay Reveal

Hopefully this game doesn’t suffer the same issues Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is dealing with.


Watched it live :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And was laughing and screaming whole time. 2021 is gonna be good year.

They did not release a date yet.

That is true, I am just predicting. They should take all their time.

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Maybe they should call it Age of Empires 2: Definitely Definitive Edition This Time…
This looks like a remake to be honest.


The definitive’s definitive edition.

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Hey everyone! Eliot, aka eLbotz, from Relic here. You may have seen me on stream with the rest of the Age Community Team in our weekly stream slot on Mixer. When I’m not busy perfecting my farm placements or getting schooled on stream, we’ve been watching here and other channels since the first Age IV announcement, and was counting down the days on when we would be finally able to reveal this trailer to the community!

We’ve seen the passion and excitement the community has since it was revealed we were making the next Age of Empires game back in 2017, and we’re super excited to share with you the first look at what we’ve been hard at work at Relic. We’re looking forward to sharing more down the road.

Until then, enjoy the trailer!


Hey dude, just do what you guys think. Obviously you guys know more about making games than us, just don’t mess up the gameplay!!

Looks like it could be quite interesting! Very happy to see medieval stuff :smiley:

Is a little odd that as an Insider and one who signed up to get AoE4 news updates, etc… pretty sure either the first day or first week of it being offered… I had to learn on my own through Google searches about the upcoming XO19 conference and a possible info reveal there.

I was out getting lunch when it was revealed, so didn’t know if it was actually revealed. I went to the main page and the AoE4 tab of as today’s XO19 was concluding; but there was no new news there.

So, on a whim, I did another Google search and learned there was, indeed, a new trailer. Came back here to report to fellow AoE enthusiasts, and see a community member posted it already.

Far too often (I think every time so far) I sign up with game makers (not just Microsoft) on their official website to receive email news on their upcoming game, but then hear nothing from them as new news is released. (No notice of impending news release; no notice of news actually being released on news release day; no notice in the days/weeks after news is released.) So, I can’t help but wonder sometimes why such mailing lists are even created :wink:
As one of the first to show interest in a game (often the first day or week of public announcement), it’s a slight bummer to have to hear about updates second-hand. (No spam filters aren’t getting in the way, by the way.)

Not a big deal, thanks to Google. But just seems odd :slight_smile: It seems to me that those who actively express early interest by signing up to receive updates are the ones who might care the most about the upcoming game and want to see the new updates first; and should be some of the first to see the new info or get sneak-peeks as a reward for expressing their interest (or, “tune in next week (or in two days, or tomorrow) to XO19”, and such); yet sometimes we’re the last to know :wink:


now we count down the days till we can see a game in action :wink:

I want to give some feedback to the developers:

  1. The 3d engine looks nice
  2. Bigger army size seems cool, but micro should still be an important thing
  3. It looks like elevation is going to play a huge role in unit speed and attack range/damage, which sounds good, but that could also be inbalanced if there are randomly generated maps.
  4. The gameplay trailer wasn’t a real gameplay trailer because there was no UI, no mouse cursor, no stable viewport or somebody playing. So it is still hard to tell how it will play and if the feeling is comparable to playing aoe or if it feels more like total war meets aoe.
  5. When it comes to civs don’t you dare making 35 civs that nobody is going to play. I rather have 5 civs which have 100 strategies each, then 35 civs that are 80% the same techtree + 1 unique unit and 1 unique research and some bonuses. Don’t you dare doing the aoe2 remake thingy when it comes to that.
  6. Plz give us a game with totally different playing styles for each civ as well as many different units, many different researches (at least 100 unique researches for each civ), toggle on or off techs, customizable bonuses/gear choices (no grind svp), age up advisers, casting of abilities for particular units, whatever adds more strategic choices. Many different potential combinations, maybe even spellcasters like engineers, priests, petards, siege engines with multiple purposes (throwing rock, fire, carcasses etc) . Make it like units cast spells like the units in sc2 rather then more of the same old same old…
  7. I think it comes down to adding many different things that are feeling new compared to the other aoe games. Otherwise it will feel like a remake of aoe2 def edition.
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LOL, I know. Only thing they send are beta keys and what not.

That is nice, I liked it very much.

We shall see where this is going, I don’t want to say that it looks as boring and generic as an RTS could ever look (which is how I feel) because I could become unfair judging such a small fragment of their pre-alpha game.
However the general feeling of the trailer reminded me more of The Settlers than of an AoE to be honest.

Also those freaking trebuchets once again… it’s like this franchise is revolving around them recently, yes they were a great innovation back in aoe2’s days, move along now, show something new, make an innovation yourself to be proud of. Its Age of Empires, not Age of Trebuchets.


I’m really looking forward to play this! I want to play with you Shannon now :))


Another disaster for Relic. First they didn’t understand what fans liked about ‘Dawn of War’. Now they’ve totally lost the feeling of Age of Empires. This looks like Total War or Cossacks NOT an Age game. Age games are about gameplay, balance, building, not about huge battles. If you showed me this trailer without telling me what it was I would never have said it was an ‘Age of Empires’ game. Two years of waiting for this? What a colossal bummer.


I agree, quantity does not always directly translate to fun. I only play with one or two civs, as it is. I’d far prefer to have 5 or 10 civs to look, feel, and actually ‘be’ mostly unique, as much as reasonably possible, along with some cool new random maps, than to have 35 civs with a few neat differences but mostly skin and HP/attack changes.

More ages, and possibly sub-ages, and more techs to research and buildings to make, would also be neat. Four ages seem to go by pretty quick sometimes, and once you hit the last one, I often wish there was more to do tech-/econ-/building-/unit-wise, and even decoration-wise, than there is.

I kind’ve had the same thought and concern, as I’ve owned a couple Total War games but got pretty bored with them fairly quickly. The joy of AoE combat for me is micro-managing the battles in real-time; not directing hundreds or thousands of troops to lay siege and then zoom in to watch all the little skirmishes like a movie to see how things eventually unfold; and then adjust overall strategies on a Julius Caesar battleground type of level.

I’m open and eager to seeing how it goes and learning more about AoE4, but I do hope micro isn’t lost and that Total War isn’t too heavily embraced.

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Did not like it a bit :disappointed_relieved:

It’s ok dude. It will grow on you, don’t worry. Just watch few more times, people are saying this looks cartoony. I don’t think it is. It is sharp, full of colors. Regarding gameplay…let’s hope everybody gets on board with that. Gameplay is ONLY area where people (majority) must think a like, else it will be a disaster. Relic should stick to AOE formula, not MOBA.


Not really to be honest. You are basing a lot of things off of pre-alpha, yikes. The graphics is a hit or a miss (though for minority of fans), I hated Civ6 graphics (in fact so much, I stopped playing and left a bad review), but I dig this one for some reason. Trust me, it is not the brand, I am equally a fan of Civ as I am to Age. Just give it a chance, but I hope relic doesn’t stick to their gameplay style for this. Just copy the good one. They do have some good game mechanics.

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