Age of Empires IV Player's Poll for 2022

I would like to announce the first Age of Empires IV Player’s Poll for 2022 where only real players can participate.

During 2022, many people contributed to our community, but some never received the visibility they deserved. That’s why I had this idea to create this poll that will allow you to thank the contributors that you appreciate the most. Therefore, this poll is not affiliate with Microsoft and is a community initiative.

It is not excluded that, depending on the possibilities, a physical trophy will be sent to the winners! :slight_smile:

Here are the categories:

  • Best Pro-player (Any player who won money in a tournament in 2022)

  • Best Tournament (Any tournament that took place in 2022)

  • Best Caster (Any person that casted in 2022)

  • Best Streamer (Any Twitch or Facebook user that streamed AoE 4 in 2022)

  • Best Community Game Mod (Nomad, Regicide, Overlord, …)

  • Best Community Map (Any map created and that wasn’t in any official pool in 2022)

  • Best Community Created Website (Official website, AoE4World, Liquipedia, …)

  • Best Community Created Tool (Overlays, Builds, Calculators, …)

  • Best Age of Empires IV YouTube Channel

If you are concerned by the poll or you simply want to help your favorite community members, please use this URL to share: