Age of Empires IV - Post-Launch Developer Stream

Okay, that’s what I’m talking about! I’m a big fan of QoL (I’m a disabled person and I need hotkey improvements - especially mouse buttons), but this is definitely the way to go! After the last patch, I almost quit the game… Now I’m excited.


I gotta say, that stream caught me by surprise and I am really happy to see the road map for this game.

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Road map is great, but sorry to be the wet blanket, but relic has promised things and taken ages to deliver previously… winter patch could still only release in January(regardless of what they said)

They’ve had winter patches release in spring.

I will of course be happy to be wrong.

But still disappointed some of these things are planned so late already. Meaning the potential to slide even later can snow ball

And my benchmark is EIGHTEEN balance patches in StarCraft 2 beta… proving it can be done. Devs are simply making excuses to state otherwise

Of course it can be done if you have nothing else to do.
Them probably not getting additional time to finish the game could have been a reason.


Yeah that’s true. I forget that the game was released on time. Which is Very rare nowadays.

They should release winter updates before Christmas.

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Well Eric talked about it being an early Christmas present.

But since all these resource exploits are now popping up, who knows :smiley:

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I hope they don’t make feudal ram rush impossible with the changes they will make.

Being able to retarget the town centre would not be a “small” defender advantage against a ram rush. It would completely negate any early chance of a successful ram push because 20 vills in the town centre would negate the supporting army that’s attacking with rams leaving villagers free to then torch down the rams. You should already have an advantage defending with army + quick reinforcements + villagers available to repair TC or attack ram. Rams are already getting hitpoints reduced in the upcoming patch from the sound of things. You can manually target outposts currently as a defender advantage. Feudal ram pushes have to be viable and a serious threat otherwise the game will devolve into a multi TC fiesta every game.


This happens with all games, typically backed up by Steam achievement records (see the percentages of unlocks decrease as you get further into the game content, which indicates in general not everyone who buys it completes any particular game, or even gets a decent way into it).

The game currently has 26.7k playing it on Steam (as of this post), in the mid-afternoon in Europe (i.e. when a bunch of people here will still be in work, etc). The US has only been working a couple of hours. These are not bad numbers are all, and don’t reflect a game that isn’t being played and enjoyed.

Does that meet your criteria for an “actual reply”?

Unless the contents of the patch are still subject to change, which would fit their language of actively working on finalising it.


Even the things that have been talked about like Delhi buff is subject to change, so them saying that they tend to solve it this way etc. would not stop them to discuss these things with us, as we rarely do see them communicating with us outside of this format.

Yeah, I can definitely get why people would want information regardless, given that this is the first interview / stream since launch (I think?). But I was just commenting on the claim that there’s no reason why they’d be being cagey about certain specifics. There are definitely reasons I think. - they’ve just got to balance it against giving the community what the community wants as well (in terms of communication).


So I guess cam, random map / ai and color picking are off the table for the time being :<

They spoke about this under the stream and they were working on it, so it’s somewhere in their plans.

Why do rams need to be relevant late game? Horsemen aren’t…

Rams are currently is a bad state early game and its not because they are useless.

How does giving rams more ranged armour make them more relevant late game? They already have plenty of ranged armour. They’re irrelevant late game because of seige and strong melee units. Am I being stupid?

EDIT: I’m a dummy. Imperial age upgraded ranged units shred rams.

They said “Historical Accuracy” at 19:00 0_0 …

I don’t think they did well on that.

Because they went to China to do the research about the Mongols and make its campaigns and documentaries. This country never gives unbiased information. LOL

It is the Most controlled country and rewrites history to its benefit.

And Mongolia is not China. (I know there is Inner Mongolia but it is controlled by China with heavy supervision). Instead, go to Mongolia, not China…

I remember, Adam Isgreen’s statement “We went to according countries to make the campaigns”…

This is all so vague. And the stuff actually written out is straight up trivial and hotfix material:

Changing the chinese dynasty UI…well yeah, moving some UI button element from A to B. So much work.

In-Game player scores. The data is already there… it’s again just adding a freakin textbox somewhere on the screen to present it.

Mini-Map adjustments. It’s only gonna be slight size adjustments for the symbols if I got that right…nothing said about any map filters.

Patrol. I mean, there is attack move already in the game… so patrol would be automated attack moving between two+ points? You can already queue commands manually. Everything is set up and ready to prop up such a feature. What exactly needs a ton of time to implement here? What needs such thorough testing that it ends up in the spring update?

UGC creation tools. Well that point is just there so nobody gets them for false advertisement : P
What will it be? Map/scenario/campaign editor? AI scripting? I bet they won’t tell us before we’ll have pumped some extra money into upcoming DLCs.

No words about the resource generation exploit (the cancelling wonders one), nothing about the rus relic exploit. Will they clean up the water gameplay (hidden directional armor, broken rus ship upgrade system, quick turn double shots)? Is the whole TC-auto-targeting thing intentional or a bug? Will hotkeys get a rework? Will the wall system get a touch up, or will it be left as is, just to be the next source of exploits?
It’s getting hard to differentiate bugs from botched but intentional features from leftover CoH/DoW code from generally bad design, since they never comment on specifics in these streams.
Half of the streams is them patting each other on the shoulders for stuff others achieved (history videos last time, music and sound design this time).

You hear youtubers say things like “interesting how much there is to uncover about this game”. That’s a polite rephrasing of “wow, I would never have guessed how effin broken this is under the hood”. This is not the kind of information that stirs people’s curiosity and interest in the product when left unclear. It’s simply self sabotaging marketing from start to finish.
I clearly remember early discussions about the reduced depth of AOE4 compared to AOE2/3. People defending it brought up the benefits of streamlining and making things more obvious to the user. Well it didn’t turn out all that obvious and well thought through now, did it? Kinda missing the mark at full throttle with no intention to stopping and controlling the damage.


Thanks! Thank you for the attempt to bring a little sanity around here. Perhaps, someone in charge will start to listen and revise a few convictions if enough people start act like adults as you just did.

To be honest, since the foundation of this game is good, all things player want are to be rather minor tweaks and QoL improvements.

I’d guess that their team is now even smaller than before release and is busy with preparation for mod tools/map editor and seasons.

The SCENARIO editor (writing it clearly readable for any CM to see what we absolutely expect out of this) better be good, making my own scenarios was my favorite feature in the AOE franchise.

They better don’t dare advertising for DLCs before the game is feature complete.

Rus exploit in the article, Resource exploit mentioned in the stream. Both on the radar and will be fixed. What else is there to say? That they had not enough time to playtest the game while rushing the release date? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good question.

Hotkeys are on their list, explained in the article.

Am I missing something or what is wrong with the wall system?

Yeah, them showing promo material to people who already bought the game was kinda pointless and
a waste of time. Eric was the best part of this stream.

WinterStarcraft did a good reaction to this, agreed with his views: