Age of empires iv xbox bug crash

Error when game crashes after start in cinematic can be fixed to change language from russian to English and restarting console.
It works for aoe2 and aoe4 both.

Yes I know, but this is not a solution. They should fix it. I dont want to change my system language every time I want to play. I have set my xbox language to Greek and both age of empires II and IV and also Company Of Heroes 3 crash when xbox is set to my native language.
Maybe its something wrong with Microsoft servers.It is as If they have banned some languages from accessing the games. Maybe we should contact with Microsoft support.


Crashes every game or two to the Xbox dashboard, been happening a couple weeks. My friends also crash at the same times.

I spoke to support who implied that this problem was completely new to them even though these forums exist.

I don’t understand how such a common and game breaking issue isn’t even addressed.


I had a similar problem after the last patch was released on XBox Series X.
Before the patch, i never had a single problem, after the patch I had 2 crashes. 1 in an ranked online match, playing english. The other one in a singleplayer skirmish (don’t remember what i played).
Sadly the game only closed without any crash message or error report and i was redirected to XBox Home screen.
Any way to get a detailed crash report out of the game and send it the developers?

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Similar problem with my Xbox Series X.
I can’t complete any Skirmish Match let alone MP game crashing constantly :frowning:
Please fix the issue on consoles.

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Please sort this out - it’s been my favourite game but this is making it unplayable.

It’s happening to me and all my friends so it’s not a “niche” issue.


Ya’ll neeeeed to sort this. The game is damn unplayable and I don’t understand why. I’ve loaded into 3 games and each have crashed after less than 2 minutes. Inexcusable. Sort this out asap!!


I thought last update yesterday will address this issue but not, crashed yesterday in skirmish mode twice after 10 minutes game playing.


The game still crashes in random places, out of three games, two crashes and this has been going on for a long time, are you going to fix it?!


Still crashing, even after deleting saved data from the xbox homepage. I dont understand. Fix #### ## game


Age of empires suport team answer me that and that’s works for me and my teammate

Hello there,

It sounds like you may need to reset your Xbox console.

  1. Uninstall the game. Hold the power button on the front of your console for 5-8 seconds until the console shuts down instantly.

  2. Unplug all cables and wait five minutes.

  3. Reconnect all cables and restart your console.

  4. Re-install the game to your main drive if you are using an external HDD.

Try this !

Still not working sadly((

I am still experiencing random crashing while loading into multiplayer games. The game will appear to load during the loading screen but will crash to the AOE4 menu. It’s random and appears to happen 1 out of 10-15 games. You can see when it his happens in my game history because the game will show as a loss with a game time of less than a minute or two. I have experienced this on both a Series X and Series S. When this happens, the ranked match will count as a loss.

Change console language to English

change your console language to English

change console language to English

That’s not the issue here. It’s already in English.

ok then, play with crashes lol
we found a solution about a month ago
And this solution is to change your CONSOLE language
And I’m talking about the bug when you are crashed to the xbox main menu (for which this topic is created)

To abobo

If it works for you, it won’t automatically work for everyone else. Changing the language works in one case out of 10, and I assure you that those whose console language has always been English also encountered this problem, and also think about the fact that there are people who have the entire range of game and console languages ​​and they have never encountered with this problem.

Its still happening. I have pre ordered the expansion but how can I play when this game keeps crashing and now has been freezing. Like is it my xbox? Am i doing something like spamming commands or something? Its so tilting man

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