Age of Empires Minesweeper on DE

I just did a video regarding a really obscure age of empires scenario and I wonder if was it ever used in other more recent custom map on AoE II DE… I really like this puzzle concept:


Interesting scenario, never knew it existed!

If you are open to some feedback for your video editing, I would suggest to change two things in the future:

-Don’t use a red font on a black background, it’s harder to read. Just go for good old white.

-Maybe during the sped up gameplay, remove the game sounds and just put some music in the background.

Of course, this is just my opinion. Keep up the good work!

After watching all those sheep explode that tarkan was like “Fck this ■■■■ im outta here…” :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I will make sure to implement your tips! Yes, I am kind of a rookie regarding edition.

I will try to go after more mini-games/puzzles and such

Thanks for your comment also @PryingIvy454910

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I love how you needed to think outside of the box to win the scenario.

Good mod

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