Age of Empires mobile

Why is there no Age of Empires mobile? It is a perfect fit for mobile.

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We have Age of Empires Castle Siege, but it just sucks, and it’s not even Age of Empires.
Going mobile with RTS is hard af. AoE requires clicking precision, but the main problem is that games tend to last more than 10 minutes. Mobiles games can’t have long sessions, as people usually don’t have that much time to play. If they had a lot of time, well then just turn on your pc.
Unless you want to revamp the games just for mobile, with the target audince in mind, making a really simple and short AoE. But that won’t be AoE, it would be a generic city-builder like thousands of others on app stores, only with a expensive name.

Umm, we don’t have a Castle Siege anymore. Got shut down in 2018. Still waiting for a refund of purchases i made within the 6 month prior period.