"Age of Empires" Needs THE EMPIRE: Awe-Inspiring Architecture Transformation & Civ Concept for the Turks/ Ottoman Empire (with BEASTLY Mega Bombards) - NEW! Updated Nov 19th

Not West Europe architecture. It’s a mix of Turkic, Byzantine, Persian, steppe and also native Anatolian architectures. The architecture stuff shown in the OP is mixed-blood, unique, has never been featured in Age of Empires before and clearly far outclasses most other civs’.

That’s what is most fascinating about this “bridge between East and West”: the mix, an empire that accepted different ethnicities, different religions, different architectures, different civilizations.

It was a first since classical Persia and Rome. And from playing EU4, I know the Ottoman Empire went beyond both Persia and Rome in tolerance.

I DISAGREE , even if they are so “simillar” in your opinion , a thing that as a spaniard I COMPLETLY DISAGREE.

Spain and portugal have are the world first global empire , spain it self being the 4th largest empire in history and having a LOT OF INFLUENCE IN THEIR MEDIEVAL TIMES due to the abbasid caliphate .

They should INDEED be in the game .

@marcoracosta205 We disagree about the detail, we AGREE about the overall.

The 7 big civs missing from AoE 4 are

Ottoman Empire

(East) Roman Empire



Inca / Aztecs


Mali / Ethiopia

(Mali better because of cool architecture)

Not on the list but still possible: the Norse tribes, Italian city-states (non-centralized civs).


So we actually AGREE, Spain should be in the game. Even more than English or Rus.

But as Drongo pointed out, Spain would make a perfect DLC pair match with Inca or Aztec, not Japan or Mali. That’s the crux of the matter.

In my opinion, a DLC with Roman Empire x Ottoman Empire is more likely than any other.

Because AoE 4 desperately needs it.

Fixing a couple of bugs doesn’t cut it anymore.


The idea of “non-centralized civs” could potentially be a breakthrough in AoE, just please don’t call the “Norse” (is this even a correct name?) a bunch of “TRIBES” dude!
Modern-day “Vikings” may find it offensive, with all the political correctness nowadays lol