Age of Empires on Inside Xbox


@Ekvedoj It’s an invitation and survey for Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition Alpha.
I’m not sure if I am allowed telling you the Alpha start date, but it’s very soon.
So most likely they show us new Aoe 2 DE gameplay (I got the mail 2 days ago) on Inside Xbox, except they changed their mind.


Wonderful! Just the info we need.


omg omg omg i really want to be part of that beta!!! How can i?? :frowning:


It’s probably “based on their testing needs” like testing was for AoE:DE.


Yeap! i guess that’s right, hope i’m in the needs too haha! I’m already registered in the Insider Program, but didn’t recive any email (yet)


Looking forward to some screenshots of AoE II DE.


If the news is that Age Of Empires: DE has arrived on Xbox, then I’m done with them.
We haven’t had any news at all of AOE2:DE, AOE3:DE or AOE4. Not even teaser or a screenshot.
Not even a small status update.


The greatest thing ever. An alpha instead of beta, that shows us that they will take the preparation much more serious than with aoe1. AOE1 def edition was reported to be a buggy mess around launch, which made me not buy it… But nostalgia almost made me do it anyway…

They really need to start communicating. Look at their twitter (last tweet january 3), relic facebook (last: 21th august 2017), This website only has: “wololo wednesdays”…
Age of empires facebook: 850k followers is the only page that has some posts recently from march 7, but nothing about inside XBOX.

The only question i have left is:
Will they show us something about aoe4? Like the age it plays in, 3d-engine, trailer etc?

Interesting news for those who haven’t seen it:


It’s quite possible that there was an alpha for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. We may simply not have been privy to knowledge of it’s existence.


sooo other people get to play a game so you are angry?



What I’m saying is we haven’t had ANY news for AOE2:DE, AOE3:DE or AOE4.
If their “Very Exciting Announcement” is something we already know is happening, as in AOE:DE coming to Xbox One, then I’m going to be angry. I’m happy people on xbox are going to get to play AOE finally and I’m interested in how it will play, But they’re keeping their fan base in total darkness regarding anything other than AOE:DE and have been for 2 years. We are justifiably frustrated.

The fact that you thought I’d be angry that other people get to play a game tells me you’re probably very young. Here’s a lesson for you. Don’t post accusatory replies to someones comment until you understand the context of what they’re saying.


@CplOReilly Microsoft has not confirmed AoE:DE is coming to Xbox One. In fact the community team has said repeatedly that the home for Age of Empires RTS games is the PC and there are no plans to bring them to Xbox One.

There is proof in this thread that AoE II:DE is coming soon and I would expect there will be related news and announcements soon as well.


Reminds me of the Viper vs DauT showmatch to promote the launch of HD that failed. And the Rise of the Rajas release live stream where the community managers didn’t show up, so the Forgotten Empires team just did a stream on their own channel.


guys only 9 minutes until the stream begins, at least in my country ejej


Tonight is Inside Xbox? I thought it was tommorow!
Can you give me a link?


i see very bad, it begins 16:00, sorry


@FurtherLime7936 @age4greeks I would not count on AoE news during Inside Xbox per further up this thread.


The stream just ended. No AoE. At times like this, we have to stay strong.


Did I miss something or was there nothing about AoE during the Stream?


Where it was, this is a fail!

You annoince someone and make nothing!!!