Age of Empires on Inside Xbox


They scammed us into watching that garbage. Fun.

#42 this just in. appearently the “programing changed”. No clue why they can’t just publish the stuff they were suppoused to reveal at this point. The lack of proper communication within this game series is starting to annoy me somewhat. 2017 seemed like a good year for the franchise (especially with the Gamescom stuff) but these past two years have been very dissapointing in terms of anything related to this franchise in terms of communication.


Very sad! No respect for fans and the game that take them where they are! :frowning:


To be fair, well before the show, we all figured out that there wasn’t going to be any news. I didn’t even bother turning it on. Kinda a weird riddle for us supernerds to have to solve, but oh well. If it makes anyone feel better, it prolly wouldn’t have been about AoE4 anyway. :slight_smile:


Well, I wasn’t expecting anything about AoE IV if not in a huge, important event… but hope that we will have some news about AoE II DE soon. But please, this time do it :wink:


There better be an announcement tonight on the website. I’m just about done with the people running Age Of Empires right now. I miss the days where Ensemble Studios made quality content and Bruce Shelley was with the team. Age of Empires 3 was the last great age of empires. Now Microsoft Game Studios is just remaking ES’s games.


You moderators maybe. The fans didn’t.


the only good new of today is halo on pc, other games sucks, don’t believe that them will announce anything, they are saying that for years, probablye either aoe 2 de or aoe 4 will be announced in the upcoming year, or worse, the cancellation of the games and the end of FE


I’m not saying it was obvious. They announced an announcement and then quietly took down the announcement. This is not the right way to do things, and it exacerbates an already frayed relationship between the fans and the developers. Long gone are the days of radical transparency. I am not going to defend this decision, but I think it is worth pointing out that it wasn’t likely going to be a life changing announcement. I cannot imagine that they were ever going to announce AoE4 info on a mixer stream.

My best guess:

  1. They planned to announce something about AoE2DE, probably like a short gameplay video or trailer.
  2. They announced the announcement.
  3. There was some SNAFU resulting in the video not being ready or someone changed their mind at the last minute to talk only about other games.
  4. Faced with the uncomfortable position of being a couple of days away and unable to unring the bell, they were faced with either (a) publicly taking back the announcement or (b) quietly removing it and pretending it never existed.
  5. Fearing that a public announcement would result in pre-emptive anger and hostility on the stream chat/twitter/etc. that would take away from the actual program, they gambled and chose (b) and then posted that twitter thing that promises more news soon, which they fully intend to deliver in a few days/weeks once that SNAFU gets resolved.

Assuming the above is true, the miscalculation was that once they read that Twitter announcement, fans would chill out and be patient. But they won’t, because the language of the Twitter announcement is more of the same toothless vagaries that remind everyone of the ongoing campaign of total silence. However, once that announcement finally comes, many players will likely forget this entire episode. Except, of course, those still waiting with baited breath on AoE4 news. Until there is AoE4 news, they will continue to stew in their juices and use this hiccup as further evidence that MS hates them. It’s really a shame. When in doubt, Developers do themselves a lot more favors by leveling with fans.

“Guys, we have bad news. We know we promised you information on Tuesday, but we ran into some roadblocks, and the info will not be ready then. However, we hope to get it out to you within a couple of weeks [or some other length of time that they know they can meet or beat]. We are super excited to share the news, and wanted you to hear it from us immediately that the announcement has been delayed. So please hang tight.”


It really looks like the ageofempires twitter account is a troll account. Look at this:

ageofempires twitter: 38k followers and fakenews that has been verified fakenews because there was nothing at XBOX inside.
All those blogs picking it up?=> Because of that fakenews twitter account.
Age of empires facebook: 850 000 followers: inside Xbox wasn’t mentioned at all. inside Xbox wasn’t mentioned at all.
Relic entertainment twitter: inside Xbox wasn’t mentioned at all.
Relic entertainment facebook: inside Xbox wasn’t mentioned at all.
XBOX twitter account: 13,1 million followers: aoe wasn’t mentioned at all.
Inside xbox event on twitch: aoe was NOT mentioned at all.

Therefore the only logical explanation (apply occams razor) is an a’hole twitter troll spreading out fakenews and gaming blogs picking it up as news.

Don’t forget that the same has been happening to diablo 4 for 3 consecutive years at blizzcon. Rumors spreading out as if it was “news”.

The only real news has been on relics twitter:
Relic Entertainment ‏Verified account @ relicgames Jan 3

2019 is going to be big year for Relic (did you know we’re moving to a brand new space later this year?!), and we want you to be a part of it! We have lots of open roles, as well as a general application if you don’t see the perfect fit listed! Head to

So yes they will announce something this year. Otherwise 2019 wouldn’t be called a “big” year?

However that can also mean nothing at all still…

Lets wait for E3, gamescom or the next inside XBOX event even. They mentioned in the past that they won’t use their weekly mixer stream for announcements. But let keep watching that stream as well.


The February 20 news update on originally mentioned Inside Xbox; it was edited later to remove that section.

Also, that Twitter account is the one linked at the bottom of


Well in that case the only conclusion is that Relic has the worst communication ever.

Why not use the 850k facebook account to announce something? Why use the 38k twitter?


Bajoli, Relic has nothing to do with announcing AoE2:DE information. Relic is developing AoE4. They are not involved with AoE2:DE.


Whatever is happening there. AOE is not in the right hands i’m afraid.


at least we now know the next possible date to wait for; April 1 (fools’ day)
also, has anyone else received this rumored aoe2:de alpha mail or is it fakenews too?


Did somebody announce aoe2:de alpha info? Usually early playtesting comes with NDAs, so I am not sure asking is going to get the answer.


I’m dreaming! We are being announced an inside Xbox with an AOE segment. In an official article for the 1-year AOE DE. So necessarily have is very hype especially that it was confirmed @klobrille an insider!

With even a take over of Relic.

But what do we have? Nothing!?

I’m sorry but it’s outrageous more than the tease was removed from the site article. And the official Twitter account saying that reported. You thing that not much time we wait, for just one information.
Error? Technical problem during the live already well missed and too much short? Communication problem?

I invite you to debate but remained quiet anyway. I remind you that this same @klorbille a tease of AOE 4 at E3
and that Master Chief on Steam can help us too!

And sorry for my traductiom, I’m French :slight_smile:


Annnndddd……they didn’t show anything. Nice. And removed the sentence on their last news, where they mentioned brace for the new information. Cool trolling :slight_smile:


It was very bad the way they dealt with it. I did not expect any announcement of Age of Empires 4, just the announcement of Age of Empires: DE for Xbox One or something about Age of Empires 2: DE. I just needed that to be happy.


aha… because someone did say that received such mail, so i wondered…