Age of Empires on Inside Xbox


Kind of disheartened with the way this was handled. I’m usually willing to give MS and Forgotten Empires the benefit of the doubt for their long periods of silence and lack of updates, as I am quite familiar with how things can (and do) go wrong/ take long to do. However, it’s been over a year, with the only real ‘news’ being the occassional confirmation by someone in MS that yes, AOE 2 DE Is still being made.

I’m not sour exactly, just a bit disappointed. AOE 2 DE is probably the game I’m looking forward to the most this year, second only to Doom Eternal. Even an alpha screenshot would make me quite the happy camper. Sadly… the way communication has been handled is making it really hard to not suspect trouble in paradise. Fingers crossed that it’s not the case…


As has been said, this isn’t Relic’s fault, but I can confirm that their level of communication is absolutely dire. I dread to think what it’s going to be like with AoE IV.

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I just hope that whoever is responsible for the AOE 2 DE, please do not make changes in the mechanics of the game (If do something like that, do for HD version too), do only in the graphics and allow those who acquire the DE version, can play with the old players, and avoid splitting the community.
Another detail, if they follow the tip I said above, and decide to post the DE version in the Microsoft Store, cross with the HD version of steam. So the players stay together and the community stays strong.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Rumour has it they will do just that :wink:

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Actually I would have been disappointed to get news about my favorite PC game on a Xbox Insider promo stream. This title deserves full attention and focus on it’s own. So if there is any news and there will be, they should give it it’s own space and media attention. But only if they really have something to show and might start some public beta tests. Don’t bore with alpha tests.

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Xbox is the brand for all of gaming at Microsoft. Microsoft recently rebranded Microsoft Studios as Xbox Gaming Studios, even though the studio publishes Xbox, PC and mobile games. While it may be confusing because Xbox has meant console for years, that’s the brand name Microsoft has chosen to represent its gaming division.

Therefore it’s likely that future Age of Empires announcements will be made at an event by Xbox.


Hey Age fans, we’re on a two week hiatus from the official live stream, so we won’t be seeing you on today😭We’ll be back on Thursday March 28th though, and you can always tune into our past VODs to tide you over!

Am i the only one who doesn’t understand anything anymore about what is happening there??

It is almost more horrible communication then the diablo immortal disaster.


Now you know why I hate marketeers. :wink:

Playing Xbox games on PC is not new. They are just rebranding and acquiring a lot of smaller game studios.

They are welcome announce any news about AOE the way they want, but not as a side topic on some stream people hardly watch. At least the old timer PC gamers don’t want having to do anything with Xbox One merchandising. So I can understand they pulled back on it.

Still I would welcome the fact that they want to bring AOE DE also to the Xbox platform because you create a bigger fanbase doing so. And it’s possible these days to hookup a keyboard and mouse to Xbox. So why not do that?


A lot of fuzz about nothing actually. :smile:


as I expected. A smoke grenade.


I would like to tell you more about what I know, but I think they kick me out of the Insider program if I do so. Sorry :frowning:

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So people outside the devs know it like that?


@AB08600 Age of Empires Insiders are bound by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Please stay on topic.


Microsoft are legendary for their ■■■■-poor marketing, and you need only look at the following examples for this:

  • What is the name of their online service, which includes both PC and consoles? Xbox Live. Yeah, well done there.

  • Whoever came up with the name XboxOneX should have been laughed out of the room. How that name ever got past the ideas stage is beyond me. It’s absolutely atrocious.


Yes microsoft is horrible at marketing. But in my opinion even worse in finding out what players want. For instance minecraft. They remade the game in C++, which means the vanilla game without any modability. Therefore almost nobody cares. Yes they may have a couple of high IQ people working at microsoft but they are totally out of touch with any playerbase.

Relic and the makers of the definitive editions aren’t good at it either.


As most games AOE4 will have bugs and disbalance between civs directly after the launch. This is something that almost always is the case with any strategy game. However, the way a company can make sure those things don’t harm the game is by listening to the community and acting quickly. Companies that are doing it well, almost perfectly: Epic games (fortnite), Blizzard (SC2).

The problem is that we have seen some bad communication thusfar and it is appalling for the future of aoe if you ask me.

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It was a nice Clickbait!