Age of Empires on Inside Xbox


"Age of Empires will have a segment on Inside Xbox in March! Make sure to tune in here when we go live, because we’re going to have some very exciting announcements!"

Inside Xbox on 12th March
Where is AOE on the inside?

Graate! Hope they share some news about Age 2 DE and IV

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Countdown timer here


I guess the announcement will be that:

  • Microsoft games took over Relic entertainment.
  • Something about aoe2 definitive edition. Beta/launch during summer? Otherwise they would have waited until gamescom i guess?
  • Maybe a screenshot/ gameplay trailer of aoe4.

That is what i think will happen.


Probably AoE DE on XBox. But i hope more news.


Hopefully something about AoE3:DE too :heart_eyes:


the original blog post does not have the “check out inside xbox” section anymore, unless I am looking at the wrong post. Don’t believe I am though.

was this bumped? If nothing is going to be shown, then there needs to be upfront communication so people don’t waste their time.


You’re right. The quote about Age of Empires announcements on Inside Xbox was reported on many websites online.

@Plus2Joe made a confusing statement during the weekly Age of Empires stream last Thursday, saying to watch the Age of Empires social media channels for new info and more info about the Inside Xbox show coming soon (it’s this Tuesday after all). It seems maybe Age of Empires will not be on the Inside Xbox show after all. Removing that portion of the blog post seems to confirm that suspicion.


I guess they changed their minds.

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Very strange!! :disappointed:


Oh no! Worst news. I hope we get something.


Haha, this is such a farce.

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Maybe whatever they wanted to present wasn’t ready in time or some problem occured… still disappointing that they wouldn’t just say so directly if that’s the case.


If it was important they would have started the “hype train” already…

We are probably going to get:

  • Aoe1 definitive edition 1 year birthday.
  • Aoe2 definitive edition announcement?

Is someone here a member of the “Age of Empires Inside” program?
If so, check out your e-mails :smiley:


I am, but havent got anything. What does it say?


How do i confirm that i am at the program?


Hi @Ekvedoj, Before the new forums launched last summer we had Age of Empires Insider forum badges. Unfortunately we do not have those on the new forums yet.

If you remember registering and completing the initial survey last year, that’s all you need to do for now.

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Thanks. I was in the beta and the program, yes. I just sign in again just in case :grin:

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What does the email say???

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