Age of Empires Online Adds the Romans!

Age of Empires Online were revived by a group of fans some years ago, and it is the closest match on how an improved version of the classic Age of Empires would be like. And now, after some years on the works, the Romans have been added to the game!

Age of Empires Online: The Romans Overview Trailer - YouTube

The game is completely free-to-play now and can be downloaded here: Install - Age Of Empires Online Celeste (


Its great to see the community is keeping AOEO alive and love to see the Romans in the game, something I was really looking forward to only to be hugely disappointed by the Romans release being replaced by the AOEO cancellation announcement.

I really hope Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios is paying attention to these community efforts and we will one day have a revived official AOEO game.

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