Age of Empires Remake for 30th Anniversary?

When 2027 comes within the next few years, would you want Microsoft to remake the original Age of Empires from the ground up instead of a re-definitive edition?

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After AOE4 and IIDE I’ll have had enough of castles and trebuchets.

Let’s hope for something more original, maybe a AOM2 with fresh units and stories.

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Naww, with DE, any remake would be too soon, in my opinion.

The DEs are done so well and have enough graphical upgrades that they will hold me over for years to come. (Yes, there are little things that could be improved with DEs here and there, and they’re being addressed over time, but even as is, I’m quite happy and impressed with the DEs. Everyone’s mileage varies with DE, but so far so good for me.)

As CagierNebula24 says, after AgeIV and the DEs, I’d rather have an AoM2 (and not a DE version of AoM… at least not any time within the next decade). Just AoM2 as a brand new game. Or something creative like that. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few things from AoM1 in AoM2, like Kraken and a few others… but not a remake of AoM1.

PS: I’m not ready for the AoE franchise to go into the modern warfare realm yet. The thought of that at the moment just doesn’t do it for me, which is why I lean toward an AoM2.


I think the franchise should end with an AOE5 which covers Ancient to Colonial Era or Dark Age to Colonial era.

I’m not willing to want an end to AoE games… it could and should go forever :slight_smile:
A somewhat futuristic sci-fi alien world version of AoE might work for me… thereby passing modern warfare stuff.

The title “Definitve” is not a random choice. There will be no further reissue.

Its quite possible that in the near future we will have a modern warfare, futuristic warfare Age of Empires game or something different like maybe an MMORTS Age of Empires.