Age of Empires Site Login Error "xbla_invalid"

Edit: issue appears to be resolved

So weirdly I can log into the forums fine. My xbox live account is fine since I’m playing AOE on xbox ultimate without issue (heck im even using the xcloud beta)

But when I try to log into the aoe main site, it throws me back with an xbla_invalid error. which is odd. I can log in with my steam account, but my xbla account is more the ‘main’ here since well that was the only way you could log in originally so. I’ve tried several browser (Chrome/Opera/Edge) and in incognito/private mode without success.

I even tried IE11 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you tried MS Edge (Chromium version)?

I have the same problem just reported If I know something I will let you know

Having same problem.

Yes similar problem …

Same problem. Sometimes I also get a different issue where the site gets stuck in a loading cycle and returns an error about being unable to authenticate and this is very recent. Perhaps related to the upcoming AoE4, maybe?

In any case, this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues in general. The website has been wonky for what appears to be some time now. Whenever I browse the mod section it’ll ask to login with my XBL/MS account despite already being logged in…

Exact same problem here, tried with multiple browsers, none worked. I can only login on forums.

Change your password and logout of all things xbox/microsoft. fixed it for me.

Yes even in desperation I tried Edge but no dice. Given Chrome doesnt work, i woudln’t really expect edge to work either.

Hell I even tried IE11. Still doesn’t work. Must be a back end issue

Tried it in Edge too but failed. Tried in Chrome incognito and it worked for me.

Not working for me…

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In the latest patch of AoE2, they forgot to introduce new bugs, so here we have a bugged site

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Just today worked alone by himself after some days, maybe they fixed.cWhat about you?

Appears to be fixed now

Issue is resolved, if you have any questions, send my a private message.

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