Age of Empires Team on Microsoft Studios Live


Ask the Age team on Twitter using the hashtag #AskMSLshow and it may be answered during the stream starting at 12 PM PDT (7 PM GMT) tomorrow.

Microsoft AOE stream with QA today in a few hours

I asked for new info about AOE 4 or AOE2 DE.

There Will be Adam Isgreen during the show.


Microsoft will stream an AOE dedicated talk show today, 07 Aug 2018, on the aforementioned link, where people can ask questions and, who knows, something might be revealed. Adam Isgreen, AOE4 Director from the Microsoft side, is going to be present.

Stream starts at: 19 PM GMT / 12 PM Pacific Time

Countdown timer here:


Interesting, thanks for the info. It’s about time we heard something.


Okay, Adam Isgreen has seemingly just confirmed that AoE II: DE will include all the content (e.g. expansions) from AoE II: HD.


Nice, any other info? Im unable to watch the stream.


“Over 200 hours” of campaign content in AoE II: DE, and they’re going through and improving historical errors in the campaigns and in-game encyclopedia; an example Isgreen used was the Scots wearing kilts in some of the William Wallace campaign artwork, which is historically inaccurate for the era.

He also mentioned that “everything is being re-recorded” and they’re working on AoE II: DE and AoE III:DE simultaneously it seems.


Can they finish AoE DE 1 before going on next one ?


They said are working on both AOE2DE and AOE3 DE at same time and that AOE4 Will be MS store exclusive.
They’re finally sharing some info about Age saga so i think Gamescom could riserve some surprise.

Would you like to have more zoom levels in AoE3 Definitive Edition?

Is it possible to watch the stream somewhere now?


Yes, on the Microsoft Mixer channel.


There must have been an issue with the stream setup or Mixer because the VoD is still not available after over 2 days. Currently the only available past stream is from 10 days ago.