Age of Empires3 Future Wish List

Since the Mediterranean Knights, players have been waiting for a long time, but AOE3 has not been updated with new content for a long time. Perhaps the development team is busy developing the Age of Mythology, and I hope they don’t forget AOE3. Below are some new civilizations that I believe have great potential to debut, as well as suggestions for the future DLC of Age of Empires 3. Thank you for participating in the discussion and providing suggestions.
And after discussion, everyone added many great suggestions, so I made some adjustments. Finally, I hope these ideas can come true.As for what will happen in the future, let’s wait and see.

New DLC - The King of the Pirates

Two New Civilizations


Leader-Barbarossa Hayreddin

Hometown City-Algiers

2.Pirate Republic of Nassau

Leader-Edward Teach

Hometown City-Nassau

In a word, this is the “Age of Discovery”.
And this DLC can separate the architectural styles of Ottoman and Barbary into a new architectural style, Speaking of this, I hope Italy and Malta can created a new architectural style too.

Ten neutral Pirate Corps

1.Woodes Rogers

2.female pirate Anne Bowley

3.Pirate Prince Samuel Bellamy

4.Chinese female pirate Zheng Shi

5.Bartholomew Roberts

6.Captain William Kidd

7.Henry Morgan

8.Cotton Jack John Leckham

9.Francis Drake

10.The King of Pirates Henry Every

In the golden age of piracy, there were many legendary pirates scattered around the world, many of whom were even as powerful as the country. It would be interesting to play these pirates. This DLC will add ten pirate Corps that can be allied, and each pirate group can recruit a legendary pirate leader. Each pirate leader has unique skills, such as randomly obtaining the location of a treasure or randomly generating a new treasure on the map. At the same time, each pirate force can train a unique pirate flagship.

New Legend precious deposits:
In the pirate era, precious deposits cannot be lacking. Add more bountiful legendary precious deposits to the map. Legendary precious deposits need to be opened in a special way. In each game, randomly assign five precious deposits maps to ordinary precious deposits guardians, kill these precious deposits guardians, collect complete precious deposits maps, and then open the legendary precious deposits. If both sides have some precious deposits maps, they can capture the precious deposits map by killing each other’s hero units.

New DLC - The lord of the Central Asia

Two New Civilizations


Leader-Abbas I of Persia

Hometown City-Esfahan


Leader-Ahmad Shah Durrani

Hometown City-Kabul

New mercenaries




Many countries cannot become playable civilizations, perhaps these three countries can appear in the game as mercenaries.

New DLC-kings and golds

1.Empire of Songhai

Leader-Sonni Ali

Hometown City-Tombouctou

2.The Kingdom of Morocco

Leader-Ahmad al-Mansur

Hometown City-Casablanca

Africa is large, and more African civilizations should be added to the game.

New DLC - fight for freedom

New Civilizations



Hometown City-Bogota

Colombia will have a unique revolutionary army.Other aspects will be similar to the United States and Mexico.

New DLC - pride of Savage

Two New Civilizations



Hometown City-Yangon



Hometown City-Bangkok

New mercenaries



Let Southeast Asian Civilization Troops from AOE2 Returning to AOE3

New DLC - Spear and Shield

Two New Civilizations


Leader-Jan Sobieski

Hometown City-Warsaw


Leader-Matthias Corvinus

Hometown City-Budapest

Most of the European civilizations in AOE3 were gunpowder civilizations, and the addition of Poland and Hungary could showcase more of Europe’s cold weapons and army.

New DLC - The Last Dynasty

Two New Civilizations


Leader-Li Yan

Hometown City-Seoul


Leader-Nguyễn #### Kiểu

Hometown City-Hanoi

Korea and Vietnam have both made appearances in AOE1 and AOE 2, and it can be considered to have them return in the last DLC.

In fact, emerging civilizations such as Brazil, Argentina, and Canada also have great potential and may attract more players, because in the eyes of Argentine and Brazilian players, Age of Empires 3 may be the only opportunity for their country to make an appearance.

Oceania Expansion Package(free updates😂)

Oceania Map

2.New Oceania natives



It is unlikely that the official will consider these two marine civilizations as optional civilizations, but AOE3 maybe need a map of Oceania. Perhaps they can join the game as indigenous tribes and also add a map of Oceania.

Finally, some existing suggestions for improvement:

1.The livestock pens and pastures will be changed to automatic and slow production of livestock, as the original version requires investment costs and frequent manual production units, which greatly affects operations. So few people use animal husbandry gameplay.

2.Add some legendary neutral heroes in taverns or mercenary camps, such as Billy the Kid, Huang Feihong, and many folk heroes I don’t know about.

3.Age of Empires 3 has a very rich ecosystem, with nests for wild animals added. When the nests are not destroyed, they can slowly produce prey, while also adding some epic level wild animals, which are more difficult to kill and more dangerous, but can receive richer rewards, such as fierce beasts like the Tsavo man-eating lion and Nepalese man-eating Bengal tiger, as well as some special minerals and trees.

4.Now that the game has added the map of Europe, all civilizations fighting on their own land should obtain the positions of trading stations and indigenous tribes at the beginning of the game. For Native Americans countries and African countries, this is no longer a unique advantage, and every civilization should gain a home advantage when fighting on its own land.

5.Consulates will no longer be unique buildings for ##### #######es, and all countries can build consulates or embassies. According to the selected map in the game, diplomatic relations can be established with different countries, including existing civilizations, and adding more civilizations that cannot appear. Because we all know that so many civilizations cannot join this game.

Of course, many suggestions are just entertainment and may become ideas to attract new players. In short, the world of Age of Empires 3 can be more diverse and complete.


I like your Pirate natives, they are varied.

Songhai in DLC about Pirates??? Why?

Songhai is definitely better for West African DLC.


We get new content like every few months for free
Last big one was fall, added cards units etc. We get little ones in between.
Lets at least be accurate.


And set reasonable expectations.


Does seem a little misplaced.

Pirate Republic of Nassau would fit in a little better.

I also like the idea of pirate natives though I would probably have them without the famous pirate part as some don’t make sense. Francis Drake lived in England and operated from there (as a privateer) and Anne Bonny, whilst I’m all for equality, was just a regular crewman (in disguise) - she was no captain and led no pirate company.

Because they cannot create West African DLC, if they want to do it, they have already done it. Barbary Kingdom is currently the most reliable solution, because there are already many ready-made materials in the game, just like Malta. If they add Sanghai by the way, that will be very lucky for us.

Thank you. I hope the production team also likes it.

thank you.In fact, I don’t know the history about pirat, these are all information collected by Internet. I’m just giving an example,I think someone will have better idea.

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African Royals DLC is about Sahelian Civilizations. Ethiopians are definitely not a Western Africa XDDD.


I also want a Pirates DLC. Where the Amaro Pargo?

That was just an example,If they want to make the pirate DLC,They will giving the best solution.

I found that everyone is interested in pirate DLC, I just want to say,that I don’t know about the history of pirates,This is just an example.Not the final plan,If Forgotten Empire team plan to implement this plan,They will come up with a more reasonable plan,giving a more comprehensive pirates name list.So don’t worry,There may be include some Pirates that you like.

New factions : Morocco , Persia , Korea , Siam , Dennmark , Poland , Austria , Crimean Khanate , Mayans , Zulu and other thing - Germans should be reworked in some update.

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We will have to be patient they’re doing the aom retold