Age of Mythology DE announcement next week?

What do you think?

Will Microsoft announce Age of Mythology Definitive Edition on the next Gamescom? (25-27 August 2021)
  • Yes
  • No

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Probably not, but would be cool if they did haha


Why would they do that?

Microsoft need show a annouce about Age of Mythology DE or 2.


Could hope for a hint, but would not expect an announcement until after AOE IV comes out, if any.

I think an announcement for a new game could hurt the sales of Age of Empires 4.
So even if they already plan to release AoMDE or even AoM2 next year, which is the 20th anniversary of the release of AoM I don’t think they will tell us before the release of AoE4.

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I wouldn’t expect it before AoE IV launch tbh. But next year will be Age of Mythology 20th anniversary, sooo…


Age of Empires 2-3 DE and Age of Empires 4 have been announced on a Gamescom in 2017. I see 95% chance for an Age of Mythology DE announcement on the next week. This is an event for game announcements.

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It would be much better to see Age of Mythology II.


I can even imagine, that they announce both Age of Mythology DE and Age of Mythology 2 on the next week like they did with Age of Empires in 2017, however I see only 10% chance for this outcome.

Hopefully new DLC for AOE 2

I also predict new AOE2 DLCs in the near future, maybe before Christmas, but it’s a small event for a Gamescom, it will be announced elsewhere.

Gamescom is almost over and there are no news about Age of Mythology DE. My prediction was wrong. :grimacing:

agreed. i don’t see it either happend but i would wish there would be some teaser at least. so hope something will happen. something big. but it don’t has to be next week. they also want to seel AoE4 so - :smiley:

Relic did AOE4 and didn’t Forgotten Empires do all the DE’s?

Relic is going to be doing after-release support for ‘4’ for at least a year. But can’t Forgotten Empires have been working on AOM:DE for a long time now?

I’d rather see an AOM:DE than an AOM2. Less chance it will be messed up.

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You will always have AoM to fall back on if and I mean IF AoM2 fails.
It is better than NOT having AoM2 AT ALL.
Never understood that logic.

dont play with my feelings!! I thought you were talking about the coming week :sob:

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