Age of Mythology DE?

Hey guys, I just wondered about something.

Is there by any chance a way that we can see a definitive edition of AoM? or will it likely be passed becaouse of AoE 4?

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It’s not confirmed, but probably they will think about doing that after AOE3 DE.


It’s not my favorite AOE game but I like it anyway and a “new version” will be logical I think. All we know is that they said they intend to take care of it after AOE 4 and all DE…

It is my favorite AOE game and I would love an updated version. Would be a dream come true.


Hola, @MrJournal. Sería algo muy interesante; realmente esa pregunta rondó por mi cabeza unas cuantas veces. Ja, ja. Esperemos a ver qué planes tienen los desarrolladores para el «ED», o para un futuro «DE».