Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition Ideas - UI and Controls

Hi all,

I’ve put together a video discussing some QoL and feature additions I would like to see in Age of Mythology: DE!

What additions would you like to see?


great video :slight_smile: i really like these QoL improvements, but i would also love a grid on the ground for more efficient building placements. I am not sure about making the abilities active only, it would be still nice to have an auto option (que MbL auto everything:p) for noobs/casual plebs like me but it would definitly raise the skill ceiling which is good too.

AoM does technically have a grid system, however it’s so fine that you can’t tell - building placement is super granular. If a grid was forced on, it would be very hard to wall of certain places.

And yes, for manual abilities, I would want that to be a setting that you can change, not a default thing that is forced on people. In fact, most things should be customizable, where possible.

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