Age of Mythology II - How it should be? [Suggestion]

With all the AoE series getting a rebump, it would be nice to have an AoM : DE aswell, but in my personal thought, i would rather have an Age of Mythology 2. That said, how it should be? Well, here is what i would do.

It would be more like a reboot such as Starcraft 2 or Halo Wars 2 . Keeping all the base from the original game but with some changes and new stuff here and there.

Keep the Greeks, Norse, Egiptians and Atlanteans. I would replace the Chinese for a whole new Japanese civ. Why? In my opinion his Mythology is richier and have more interesting monsters and human units such as the Samurai (just a matter of personal taste. I didn’t like much the dragon tales expansion)

An Aztec civilization and gods would be fantastic aswell, but you can leave that for an Expansion or DLC :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Increase the gods amount per faction to 4 to add a bit more variety even (keep the originals and add just one from the minor gods, for example, Athena)

They should be related to each god, and each god should have a unique titan. What do i mean with this? For example if you play as Hades his Titan could be Cerberus since he is the guardian of the entrance to the underworld (Hades realm), but if you play as Poseidon his Titan can be Charybdis so it can be related to him, his theme as a god and also because in Mythology, is his son. (For those who doesn’t knew, Charybdis is a monster of the seas). Like Loki could have for his Titan Jörmungandr (the world serpent) wich is his son.
They can have an special ability related to what they are and what they can do (rather a good one ability than the random specials they had on the classic AoM)

Keep some of them, replace others. In my opinion, there are plenty of powers that could be replaced for some interesting or even better ones, wich will fit better for the tecnology and physics and graphic engines used nowadays it opens a wide range of possibilities. About the amount of times you can use them, the model based for the Atlanteans would be great, having 4 uses for the initial power in the Archaic Age, and then decreasing the amount till just 1 for the one in the Mythic Age.

Here is a thing that i think it could be great to implement. Once you reach the Mythic Age, there will be up to 3 choices you can do to unleash the power of the gods.

A) Unleash your Titan (same as the classic game, for an exchange of resources you can dig up the tartarus gate.
B) Build a Wonder now will grant you also an special ability (similar to the Japanese in AOE III The Asian Dynasties when you build a wonder to age up, each one had bonuses and stuff) wich can be used just once
C) Unleash the Wrath of the Gods (this one is my fav) for a reasonably exchange of gold and resources you will be able to access to a one new and unique ability: Cataclysm. This one will be different for each gods and will have the capabillity to change the tides of battle and the map itself till the end of the game. For example, bringing a huge asteroid to a pretty big zone wich will do massive damage and leaving a huge crater on it, or for Uranus summoning a Black Hole wich will devour everything to get bigger and bigger till consumes the entire map. Summon a sunbeam with Ra that will incinerate everything in his path, or even calling to Apophis to devour everything in his way. Planting seeds of destruction with Gaia to overgrow nature in a pretty big area leaving that place and everything in it, unusefull for the rest of the game.
There are plenty of possibilities. I know it sounds OP, but is the idea, to feel the power of the gods. Anyways it won’t be cheaper to unlock this last one.

When you choose any of this options will lock the other ones till the rest of the game. That means that if you decide to build a Wonder, you won’t be able to Unleash your Titan anymore or Unleash the Wrath of the Gods and viceversa.

Well i think we all saw the brand new Age 4 trailer (wich looks awesome) and i like a lot how it looks like. Specially the idea to bring up archers to the walls. I know there isn’t much what we saw about that engine but it would be a good possibility if you guys made it with that.

THIS definitely has to increase to 500 or even more (considering that mythic units consume a lot of this) to have epic battles in a huge scale. Imagine huge armies and titans and creatures fighting each other while casting the power of the gods. That will definitely redifine the concept of epicness in an RTS game.

Well that’s just some ideas i have and how i - a fan - would made a game and a sequel that i’ve been waiting for the last 16 years. Hope it means something. I know that out there are a big horde of fans waiting, paciently for this to come true. Hope someone from the studio, at least, take the time to read it.

Best Regards