Age of Mythology - The Aztecs (NOW PLAYABLE)

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Ok. After some playtest I must admit that I’m pretty gag. This mod is amazing!
You have some cool and fresh mechanics that fit perfect in AOM.
I love that myth creature who eats people, and that fire serpent animation. Beatifull!
My only ‘complain’ is that I find favor gaining very slow, the capture rate of soldiers seams very low, and buying people to sacrifice consumes a lot o gold so I don’t use that gorgeous myth creatures as much as I like it.
If some AOM DE is on the way, devs please consider include this nice mod.
And you telling me it’s only a beta?

PD: Really love you found a way to include new civs without replacing old ones, that opens a window…

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Thanks for your response. Yes, it’s only a beta; this is a legit expansion, we are going to finish the god powers, continue balancing, and provide a wonderful campaign. Please leave any suggestions (like the one you mentioned) in the ROTG English discord under general discussion. Links at the bottom of the vid description.

I like the mechanics but not the civilization. We could recycle this mod for an improved chinese civilization focused on northern myths. Or new indian civilization. I can see sacrificing units for kali or other gods.

To each their own. The creative directors are from Mexico and committed to doing Central and South American pantheons. Hopefully you will enjoy one of their future civs. I actually made a concept video on Hindu the favor system is different.

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