Age of Noob announcement video

For those who haven’t followed or aren’t aware of this guys great content related to AoE4 aswell as AoE2.

@AgeofNoob3936 as been a well respected content creator who’s known for its well researched video’s going into in-depth analysis of in game mechanics and new upcoming features for the game.

Sadly, Youtube decided to punish his channel with Demonitization claiming that all his content is “stolen” content. (despite it’s clearly his own content made with his own hard grinding effort)


Hopefully he can sort things out with the help of microsoft. Youtube can be a pain in the ass with copyright and demonetization…

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Youtube is garbage, everyone knows it


Avoid inappropriate comments.

I hope content creator AoN does better from now on.

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Afaik the only content you can remotely call “stolen” are the upscaled making of videos from AoE 2, AoM and AoE 3:

I really hope for Noob that he’ll be monetized again, he’s one of the best content creators for AoE out there.


I really like his content, but yeah: I have seen that many video creators have had to migrate to other platforms, even less popular ones, to be able to express themselves freely.

In fact, a strategy that some creators did was to publish “cut” videos and in the description of the same they said that the Full version was on Facebook, or on Daylimotion by following a link.

I don’t know how things will be in Daylimotion, but on Facebook there is also a lot of censorship of content, and even banning, although more than for false claims of copyright, it is more a political censorship, especially content that attacks the political left. Many Facebook users have to figure out how to get past the censorship, but sometimes it’s ridiculous.

What the President of France has recently done with social networks, by blocking them, or even blaming video games (which includes AoE), only reveals that the networks are not as free as one thought, and saving in the Cloud is no longer safe, because even the Cloud can block it.

In general I suggest for your favorite sites, especially if they are text, or articles, save them as “Print” in PDF version, otherwise one that other websites could be lost forever.

I’ve already come across several anime review blogs that were eliminated, and what to say about the old AGORA, the Latino group of Age of Empires lovers. Their administrator no longer had the funds to maintain the website, and well the site went down. At least I saved most of their custom campaigns, but Age of Kingdom Heaven won’t accept them for me because I’m told the site only accepts scenarios in English.

About AgeofNoob, I hope his channel continues to work, if not on YouTube, on another platform. When you have fans they will follow you wherever you migrate, as long as you keep creating good content.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.