Age of Siegefest . What a joke of a game

Every game is rush to good siege and win.
This game has no hope if we need to wait till march for a nerf to siege and other GAME BREAKING balance changes.
Seems dead already on ladder and the forums and we dont even have ranked yet. Team games are a joke with mass wonder building and then play tower defense all game. China landmarks are bad joke …so weak compared to other Civ.

Endless OP units like firelancer and horse archers. Endless exploits. Bugs with map generation not being fair for all players.

Games like half done. . Was hoping this might be the next big RTS for big tournaments and the like . Mabe in 2 years when its done lol. Right now. hell no

Should have known if a RTS is on concole to its going to be bad. They cant patch it every 2 weeks aka Starcraft 2 like it needs to be. Game like this require alot of balance and this game has none.


This game is just a siege war.

Total waste.

Everyone rushes to 3 years of age and then it just rides catapults, springalds, and other siege weapons.

I don’t like the game and I’m leaving and I probably won’t be alone.

I thought the game would be decided by troops and not seiege weapons.

Rework, rework or quit this theater …

Siege theater.

LOL game.


I was hopeful too to relive a good RTS but the meta is developing too fast for the balance / development team. I Stopped a month ago around 1500 ELO only really checking in on if there is any news etc. When they failed to patch the Springalt, for some reason then patching the Springalt a week later, questionable changes to horsemen - it does not look great to be honest and leads me questioning how in touch are the balance team really.

The current cheesy meta for me is very boring so the way i’m dealing with it to just shelve the game for now until some of the exploits like mass siege, Mongol tower rush, pro scouts, Rus fast castle, chinese siege among many many more are brought inline as well as the countless bugs that make certain factions non-viable like Hre Prelates that seem to bug out if inturrupted while casting heal or inspire, these types of things should be fixed fast in a competitive game but they just simply are not so multiplayer suffers for it.

  1. Players not playing this game on christmas because game is unbalanced and broken, so they leaving.
    This is for example how good developer looks like
    Dread Hunger - Steam Charts

And this is how really bad developers looks like
Important topics list (with broken things that will never be fixed)

  1. Its not so hard to just change some siege properties to make it more balanced. 10mins max.

  2. Dont tag this game triple A game when real price can be 20€ and you just killed your game in first 2 months. BF was released in 19. November and its definitively more playable for me than this, when you reach some higher level than 20, you start seeing so much problems, so its unplayable for yu.


Here is a comparison to a game that people actually play

Comparison - Steam Charts


Balance change take time… you can’t just buff or nerf stats everywhere. Balancing a game need a lot of thinking AND testing. We actually have 8 civilisations a change can nerf one est make an other one OP. So just 10 min stats chance of 1 units can make it all unbalanced again.

FYI the last springald nerf was a BUFF so this unit can be use as suppose to.

Balance take time and global game knowlege.


I am disappointed too, I really don’t understand we have to wait months for a balance changes, actually the meta is broken. you can’t pick a civ and have fun with it.

Hybrid map → Mongols, Dhelis that’s it
Open maps → Russ fast castle or Mongols
Closed maps → Chinese fest
Water → every player quit, I do too
Late game → bored meta, civ who has the best siege win the game

I was playing like 10 -15 games per day now I can’t play more than 2 games per day


That is wrong, the balance in a new game is something that must be constantly worked on. small changes in short periods of time. if RELIC waits 3 months to balance this game, people will get frustrated and go away.

Do you really have to wait 3 months to find out that the abbasids / dheli are useless ??, that the Chinese siege is broken or that the Mongols and Russians dominate the game


Then HOW do you make the change without unblancing everything again ? If you know then go work for Relic and make aoe player happy. Else just wait for other to find good solution and not just useless broken patch.

Are you serious? For example: is it so difficult to see that horse archers are broken? Change the cost from 80/40 to 120/80 or something like that unless they fix the attack speed to really be 2.0. small changes as I said, do you think that will unbalance everything ???

I would love to work on Relic’s balance team because it frustrates me to see the incompetence - passivity they have with balance.


No it is not difficult to see something too strong. But now why is it to strong ? Because stats are not the one supposed to be ? Just the price? Health ? Dommage ? See now it’s not just 10 min to correct the issue. First : stats bug and after you check for balanced issue like price and other stats. But all this take time. So stop calling them incompetent and just wait this is Christmas dude they are OFF and with their family. Try to be human cause they are not robot.

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Until there a complete rework of Siege then this games not worth playing online at all. Why not make nomal mele damage work on siege and range like only 25%. Give siege some more armor to balance.

Wonders in team game are another thing that just game breaking. All team game are is TOWER DEFENCE in 3v3 AND 4V4. TOTAL JOKE


Age of Empires 4: Good enough for pros like Viper, Themista, Vortix and countless others. Not good enough for random noobs.


I’m curious, why are you still reading this forum if the only thing you do is saying everyone is wrong and the game is fine?

No, its easy for noobs, just make siege and dont play unbalanced sultanat.

I engage in constructive criticism, i.e. bug reporting (you can check the threads started by me) and respectful feedback for improvements.

I really like this game: the exquisite art, the new game mechanics (i.e. I find that Scouts carrying hunt is a brilliant new feature and have seen some incredible microintensive battles over hunt, which I never ever saw in other Age of games), the legacy mechanics, the very elaborate civilization unique features, the new naval environment, etc. - all lead me to believe I will be playing it for many years to come and I’m very excited for the next content they’re gonna come up with. I even played the entire single player campaign and didn’t encounter any sort of bug other than the unit pathing one which I already reported. I am watching competitive games on Youtube stream accounts and they are incredibly entertaining and I have yet to see some game breaking bugs, while bad map spawns exist in all other Age of games as well and the developers proved that they are already working on fixing them.

However, when I see people with Karen attitudes saying that this game is a joke or a collection of bugs - I won’t hesitate to tell it like it is, even if that means I’ll get banned from here. I didn’t need another forum to take up my time anyways.


They need to make siege like aoe2 where it is very weak if caught out by infantry or cavalry meaning they can’t drive away at 100 miles an hour and don’t take 6000 torches to kill. Siege was still strong in aoe2 IF you could protect it, meaning siege isn’t meant to be on the frontline as an army like ww2 tanks (aoe4) but in the backlines supporting your army. Late game (more noticeable in team games) doesn’t even look like age of empires, it looks like company of heroes as the siege act like tanks and it’s just a spam fest of siege.


yeah you cant do anything about. its better leave at this point

Yes, the game is meaningless to me so far, because it’s just a Siege war.
Towers and castles are being built everywhere. They can’t make a game where only towers around villages and castles would be built …

And the next game is way too fast and most annoying me to get to the Imperial time in 13 minutes.

In times of darkness and in times of feudal, almost no fighting.

I don’t play water maps at all, that’s total nonsense, especially the islands. who loses the first big naval battle then the opponent controls the whole sea and always surpasses the opponent by the number of ships …

Unfortunately, everything is wrong.

Do you still enjoy it? I’ll answer for you Maybe you enjoy the first 10 minutes of the match where you mine raw materials, look for sheep, research a map, etc.
And then you just wait for the siege army Lol :slight_smile: to arrive :slight_smile: end of the game.


Siege will be OP ever because they can’t miss… the game is too simple, it requires more in deep mechanics… Too simple to be called RTS IMO

Also infantry or cav using torches to kill siege is stupid…

Castles are stupid as well, you can build a lot around your opponent base, there were games that fixed this in the past like Rise of Nations that used territory limit… But there are some people from age 2 that can’t live without a tower rush even if it doesn’t make sense historical