AGE OF THE WORLD mod for Definitive Edition - SPOTLIGHT

It has been officially published now.


Me and my girlfriend are working on a project and we want to use this mod. Civs we want to create include the Vatican City, Dominican Republic and Trinidad. Do we have permission to use this mod?


Hello, I’m Kaeto, the creator of the mod. Use how, if I may ask?


Me and my girlfriend can use the mod to create our own civilizations. We do not have to make any money off of it and we could probably use it for the purpose of creating our own civs. For example we want to use your mod as a template, but we would be creating new civilizations like I said before such as Vatican City, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Trinidad and more. We will only have the mod between me and her and only do it for personal use rather than commercial use and we don’t plan to share it on the modding hub. We will not sell the mod.

Well, I wasn’t worried about you selling the mod, because the mighty hand of Microsoft would come for you faster than I could even breathe another breath. But if you’re keeping your own mod between you and your girlfriend and not publishing it, you don’t even need to ask, to me it’s no different than you just playing it. However I would not be okay with you using the contents of my mod, such as models and other custom assets, assigning it to different civs (so basically just renaming stuff) and publishing it as your own. But again, if you are keeping it between you and your girlfriend, then please, be my guest and have fun!