Age2:DE Arrows Sounds - Don't like

Played a game the other day with the new December patch. Not sure if the audio/visuals were like this this pre-patch, but I noticed sound effects and visuals from shooting towers (and I think castles and some units) where it was like they were shooting fireworks out (much brighter and with a hissing/sizzling sound). Reminded me of Age3, which wasn’t a good thing :frowning: Thunderous booms from siege units, too; also reminiscent of Age 3 :-/

I appreciate my Age2 more when it’s more stuck in the medieval ages with standard arrows and such; not sizzling, bright, big arrows and explosive cannonballs

That said, I appreciate how classic AoE2 sounds were implemented now for clicking villager build icons and such!

UPDATE: Yes, even arrows from units have a hissing sound. Can this arrow-shooting sound be changed/removed? Sounds too fake and loud. Doesn’t fit very well. I’d rather only just have quiet arrow string pluck sounds as arrows leave the bow, if anything, than hissing sounds of arrows flying.


Thanks for letting us know Darkness01101

I will pass your comment and we will discuss about it.

Greetings and Merry XMas :christmas_tree:

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Waaaait, this is a matter of taste, because I actually prefer current clear and loudly hearable arrow and other projectile sounds. I love how much more powerful feel they will give to the combat. I especially love scorpion firing sounds. Such power!

I definitely prefer that current sounds are kept and not quieted down. Quieter versions might be offered by an official mod.


Hey OwnAirplane,

I completly understand you and in the most case its a matter of taste. But we try to check every comment and get them together for a overview. It is often like democracy… Many complaints equal > Improvement / modification.
Then we discuss in our team about it and deceide which step would be the best.
But thats good that you share your opinion too. That help to get a better overview.

In summary:
Share your opinion with us and if I pass a comment / suggestion its not sure that we will realize that couse I dont deceide it alone. But its helpful for the whole game & community :yellow_heart:

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Maybe there’s a meet-in-the middle solution they can do. I just tested, and the sound that bothers me the most is the sound that mimics a fuse burning down on a cartoon bomb. Doesn’t sound like wind to me at all; it reminds me of the British rockets in Age of Empires 3. In fact, it sounds just like it. Here’s a vid of those rockets…

The AoE2:DE arrow sound just doesn’t sound right or good to me. Just played AoE2:HD and had no issues with those arrow sounds; maybe they could be borrowed or leveraged for DE. They’re quick and precise, which I like. AoE2:DE’s have too long of fade in and fade out for me, along with the undesirable fuse burning whoosh sound. It should sound more quiet and quick airy/windy, if anything; not like a tangible object on fire. And definitely not like a rocket in AoE3. They aren’t rocket-propelled arrows being shot by archers and castles, and AoE2 should not remind anyone of AoE3 :stuck_out_tongue:

When castles shoot in AoE2:DE, there’s also a weird machine gun sound upon firing, which is too much for my tastes. I’m always a fan of quiet confidence in sounds and implementation, rather than needing to try to make everything stand out with over-the-top obviousness.

Also, when Archers shoot, it sounds more like a swinging sword sound to me than an arrow being unleashed.

Oh well, I appreciate it being looked into and considered anyways. Thanks!

Thank you, kindly! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you guys have a nice holiday season and get some nice and deserved time off.

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I completely agree that improving/altering game should be done democratically in order to make the game most pleasing to everyone.

This is the right place to mention, that in 6 days passed from when OP made this topic, it has only gotten 1 non-developer like. While my counter-comment from yesterday has already gotten 2 non-developer likes. It is pretty obvious, that people are not exactly excited about idea to quiet down DE combat sounds. This suggestion having so little support hopefully prevents it from actually being implemented in the game and ruining current combat sounds for people enjoying them.

OP is clearly expressing, that he wants HD combat souds in this game. Let him have it - through a mod. Similar case like people preferring HD graphics. This would be a good compromise for community letting everyone have the sounds they want.

Merry christmas! :christmas_tree:

@Darkness01101, good news! I found a mod, which should offer just what you want - Original Sounds :slight_smile:
This should drop any need to change current default sounds.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

To be fair, though, my thread title was different than it is for the first 4 or 5 days, and it maybe got lost in the shuffle of other threads. As soon as I changed it and updated my post with clearer info, I got some activity on it. So, I maybe would have more likes if it was better titled before.

Likes are overrated anyways :wink: Thankfully, some social media apps are doing away with it or calming it.

It’s mainly the whoosh sound. I dont understand why you’d want them to sound like AoE3 rockets? I appreciate a good amount of AoE2:DE sounds, including the twang when an archery unit emerges. So would only want to do AoE2 sounds when I’m feeling nostalgic. I felt fixing this rocketry whoosh sound would be a quick-win.

EDIT: Besides, between my two posts, I have 3 votes, too… just like you :slight_smile: And as for mods, I prefer to not have mods be the solution to everything. On Steam, they always make them seem risky… like you may get a virus if you install one. So, no thanks!

You have no supportive non-developer comments either :slight_smile:

I don’t really bother to compare with AOE 3. What I do know, is that I love current projectile sounds and want them kept as they are.

We both have 2 non-developer likes, but I posted into this topic much later than you did. Also this topic has 123 views and only 2 non-developer likes is very few compared to it, showing that people open this topic, read and leave without agreeing with you.

Being afraid of getting virus from mods published through official DE mod system is overly paranoid and unreasonable. It should be possible to make a mod, that replaces projectile sounds with HD ones. This would mean, that we both would get the sounds we want.

If you instead insist, that you have to make gameplay experience for me and other people worse by unreasonably refusing to use appropriate mod and forcing current default sounds to be changed, then IMO the solution should be that developers do nothing and we all continue to use current sounds. Especially considering, that you are the only person I have seen complaining about it in whole DE community.

If you love them, you can mod them back in once they’re removed… simply by copying and pasting the sound file from AoE3 folders into AoE2:DE. Problem solved! I’d rather have a cool new, unique-to-AoE2:DE sound than an rehashed AoE3 file finding its way into the game. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy even more what they come up with, if they change it.

Like I said, the first 5 days of the thread had a lame title and non-specific info. You and I both know that once a thread gets old, it’s hard to bring back to life. Had I been more specific when I originally posted it, you never know, I might have 1,000 likes and a gold medal for it by now. LOL, okay, maybe not… but still. Focusing on the likes/hearts at this point is pointless. Let the devs hold an internal vote and let’s see where it goes :slight_smile: I’d be surprised, though, if they would allow an AoE3 sound remain in AoE2:DE unchanged.

I present to thee, the disclaimer in AoE2:HD showing malicious code can be introduced through mods… not to mention them possibly introducing game-breaking changes. Call me paranoid all you wish, but if no paranoia should exist, then the disclaimer should be removed :smiley:

And since the AoE3 rocket sound already exists, it would be just as easy for you to mod that back in after they craft a brand new, unique and beautiful sound for AoE2:DE. I think I recall you being pretty savvy with modding (I think you’re doing the blood/corpse mod? sorry if that’s not the case), so this would be very easy for you.