Age2DE pre download

There’s gonna be a pre download of the game in Steam for those who pre purchase the game?


No, but they can do it , but any new about this.

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They should really do it|
My internet is very slow and i will download the game overnight and play on the next day.
If i could download earlier, i could start playing at the launch time.


I’d like to know this too

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Hello gents, I came here to ask this same question. Please allow us a pre-load lovely devs :slight_smile:

Someone just on steam said its only the MS store

Oh no, I hope it is not true. I will have to leave it overnight. :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks no pre-download from Steam

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This is terrible news :frowning:

it’s total bullshit that we can’t pre-load


Yes, pre-download is now live!


Thanks guys. Now we will play the game at the exact time of its unlock.

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Is the 12GB pre-load the full game that will be unlocked? Or is it the main files and there will be an update on the release?

I mean, the game is 30GB…

12 GB is the game without 4K.

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I always thought the Main game was 30GB with about 20GB of Enhanced Pack.

Thanks for the info.

for those who played the beta on steam, don’t forget to go to properties and get out of the beta to download the rest of the game. It looks like it’s only a 198mb update