will be closing soon!

Good day, Age III friends! I am here to announce that in approximately a month, the website will be taken offline. With new resources coming online to support the entire game franchise—paired with the fact that much of the information and resources on the site date back to the early 2000’s—we want to ensure that only the latest material is available for the Age of Empires III and Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition communities.

What I’d like to know from those of you who’ve been around since the turn of the millennium is some insight into whether it is still being used:

  • Is there anything on the site that is still being used by the community?
  • Are there any resources that are useful or should be maintained?

Again: the site will be sunset in about a month, so be sure to get back to us sooner than later to make sure the resources are made available elsewhere!

Thanks all!


(Moved to the correct forum so everyone can drop in their responses! Thanks to @RadiatingBlade for letting us know!)


There are quite a few resources hosted on AgeComm that are important to the AoE3 community, both the casual and the competitive community.


  1. Account management tools, for resetting your password, for example:
  2. The 101 Error scripts to strip old keys from your registry:
  3. The latest official patch download for all languages: &
  4. FAQ’s: &


  1. The match stats for retrieving match information. These stats are used by the JP community ( and ESOC ( for creating Elo ratings. These ratings are not only used for creating a competitive environment, but also for the seeding in hosted tournaments. Creating these ratings is vital for the competitive community, since the build-in ranking system of ESO (called Power Rating) is considered broken for multiple reasons, one of them being that it can’t differentiate between games played on the official patch and games played on user-created patches, making it littered by cheaters. Retrieving the Power Rating would also be impossible without AgeComm, leaving the competitive community with virtually no ranking system. Example stat page:
  2. The XML API for retrieving the beforementioned Power Rating. Here some links to the API: user, clan, match data & match list (only works for the vanilla version without expansions, which is why the stats from point 1 are being used.

I hope all these features can be kept, even if the actual AgeComm site shuts down.

I do really appreciate you asking the community how the website is being used before making a decision. :+1:


One more useful resource:
This page shows online player count on each main game version, which is not possible to obtain elsewhere, not even in the game itself.

Perhaps the most concerning part is that shutting down may entirely break the game’s online multiplayer functionality. AoE3 makes a number of calls to during online multiplayer login process, just like to (which Microsoft already lost, but fortunately is not offline as of now).

I’ve made a quick test on my computer and redirected hostnames to an invalid IP address, in order to simulate the website being taken offline. I can confirm this resulted in the game’s online multiplayer ceasing to function completely; connection to ESO multiplayer servers was no longer able to be established.

Please be careful with how you approach this.


Thank you, @Edeholland and @EaglemutOP, for the enlightening commentary. I have raised these red flags to the team to ensure that they are considered in the plan when making any changes to the site—particularly since they seem immensely disruptive to the Age III community.

I will keep you informed as we get closer to making any changes so we can work together and monitor its impact on the community.

Thanks again!


Can you suggest a current alternative to view historical games?

If you mean alternative to jp community ladders (which currently aren’t working for reasons unknown to me), you can use ladders provided by ESOC.

If you mean alternative to when agecomm would go offline, there would be none, since that’s where all historical data is pulled from in the first place.