Aggressive Ai Mod Updated

was busy and found out the patch broke the ai mod i made earlier. went ahead and fixed, and made some improvements.
full support for inca/swede now including decks, ai still tc booms/ages on time/rebuilds forts and forward bases, now more reliably then before.
will rush and keep up pressure with correct units/counters and now uses correct mercenaries when it makes sense i.e. jeagers vs heavy infantry, swiss pikes vs cav, mamelukes vs everything.
otto ai will almost always pick the merc contractor and incorporates mamelukes and corsiars into its army comps.

while the ai could build trade posts on trading sites in the beta, a bug introduced on release prevents them from doing so, nothing i can do to fix it.

ai will now use decks in campaign. this was disabled in DE due to a bug in the original that prevented it from picking cards. now that the bug was fixed, designers disabled it to make the campaign feel similiar to how it used to. if in your campaign ai starts dropping forts infront of your tc, you now know why.

swede ai will also never take the SveaLifeguard card into its deck, code in the ai file leads me to believe its by design to keep ai difficutly low. or its a bug.

you should use the ingame mod manager for better compatibility, ease of enabling/disabling, and auto updates. linked it now.

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Did you try this AI vs DE AI on hard?

There is an option to use different AI scripts for each AI?

It looks like only trading post on native sites are working atm

yes, it should build army comps/decks and tc boom better then the default ai.

no, only one ai script can be active at a time, though it is multiplayer compatible.
you should use the mod manager instead of manually installing for ease of disable/enabling and auto updates.

Multiple scripts can be used n scenarios.
Otherwise it requires modding the personality files.

An option should be added to the lobby menu like aoe2 DE to select what ai a player uses. So you can have different AI mods all in one game.

just updated.

I have tried to make the ai attack using the default attack code, but no matter what it does not function late game like it does in legacy. so i am using the new attack code built by the current devs. it now attacks constantly and consistently.

I also fixed lots of major mistakes in the old code, such as the ai repeatedly attempting to build tcs due to not checking if a tc has already been queud up.

there are probably lots more bugs hidden around. but for now the ai should function better than before, and hopefully be an improvement to the default ai. I will update this mod asap when the next patch hits, which is hopefully soon.

gl hf.