Agression makes 0 sense

Investing in feudal and dark age totaly waste. Fast castle into knight 3 tc boom is much more viable. No matter which map you are playing: Build wall go castle age, make some knights, drop tc while you opponet try to defend himself at feudal age, domintate the game at castle age while bcs you will have more knights, boom with 3 tc, drop castle go imp treb down all buildings: Profit.

What do you suggest?

Lower the cost of agression, increase the cost of defence

You should try that against Hera or Viper 11

But for real, not sure what your elo is, but early agression is the meta in basically every open map when you are 1000+ ELO, trying to FC without any support while a bunch of archers or scouts are killing your vills is very hard


As a player who plays very aggressive feudal ages, I would disagree for open maps like Arabia.
An early aggression can leave you with a lot insights and a better map control.
If you successful get an economical advantage on your opponent (he overspent on defence, his economy got weaker than yours, he did costly mistakes), he shouldn’t be able to do a “Fast” castle with 3 TC and knights.


Are you 1100 elo? That’s the default strat at there lol


How did you invest in Feudal I wonder… typical 1000 elo noob is like, pick franks, and make only scout, cannot break the wall, opponent has spears. Oh crap, opponent castle age, getting knight spamed, game over. Or maybe you should play like the other guy, pick franks, wall up, and FC, spam knights and win.

Try something other than scouts, maybe MAA or archer, it is much more deadly to feudal walls.

This is definitly a “you problem”. While we see defensive feudal age into walls more often than in “the olden times”, fc on open maps is still not viable, at least some military is always needed.

A few ways to punish any attempt to go fc:
-invest only into a few archers and force reactions, then go castle yourself. 2-4 archers are already enough to delay him a lot, you will have mapcontrol and a similar castle time with much better ressources. Just make sure he does not sneak out vills.
-go forward with towers. He can’t wall behind, you will break in an then he has no army and dies.
-open maa+archers, this combination breaks walls bery fast.



cough cough Wall nerf

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Nerfs, one might even say.

You play too much black forest and arena. On open map, you cannot survive if try to fast castle without a minimum of defense.

I mean, not if you play a over 1300 elo games.

With 3 milicia you don’t imagine how much time you can make your opponent waste.

you gotta love a 1100 elo calling a 1000 elo a noob, while giving wrong advice of how to play a game.

Scouts rush is one of the strongest openings, because it’s flexible, you can control the map (run from 1 side to another fast), relatively low on resources (doesn’t require to go to gold, for example), and most importantly, IF you time it properly, you can get good numbers of Scouts before too many spears are out. Scouts also can run circles around spears, and you should view every spear as damage done, every spear is 60 res spent, contrary to belief of lower elo players, spears are not cheap and if all your Scout rush did was forcing 6-7 spears in exchange for 3 Scouts, you can definitely call it successful.

The main reason why Scout rush fails in 1000 elo is because people fail to hit the timing. You need to be there before he fully walls, but also to hit fast in the right spot. This requires a combination of knowing the build order well, macroing correctly and scouting correctly and microing around spears correctly.

In higher elo (2300+), there are cases when Scout rush is bad, but those mostly have to do with easy to wall maps, or short distance between players (Archers are better in this case). In low elo however, Scout rush is never bad per se. So your advice to “change it up” is… largely meaningless. You can as well open, say, Archers and opponent is on Skirms already, or open MAA and opponent is on Archers + small walls. The advice of “just open MAA” is just wrong, it works well in low elo but only cuz low elo players can’t beat MAA, and if you wanna learn the game properly, you should learn why strats are good, not just blindly spam the noob-slaying strat for your elo.

Who is 1100 you mean. I was asking if he is 1100

Also because low ELO players have too much idle time in dark age and don’t go for fast enough build orders. With the modern scouts build being maximum 20 pop nowadays (or 18 or 19 pop if your civ has an eco bonus) the lower level players are too far behind still doing 21 or 22 pop scouts using old build orders.


It’s much riskier in FFA, but in 1v1 or team games, agression is worth it so long that you cause more damage to the enemy (be it actual damage or mere disruption), than what it costs you.

You won’t win by KO in the dark age and it would be very hard in feudal, but you sure can cripple your opponent’s economy enough to get a decisive lead.

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