Agricultural land interactions

So right now we already have 1 ground interaction. If you build on terrain that has cracks in it, your buildings take more damage…

But lets think about this. In the real world, you want to plant different crops on different terrain types. So, what if the farm had a bunch of farm commands that allowed you to determine what type of farm it is? You could leave your farm alone and let it be a default farm if you didn’t care. But if you did care, and you investigated what the underlying terrain is, you could pick a farm type that outputs a ton of food.

For example. in mediteranean grasslands… olives are a good choice. In the desert, you want figs. In the cold lands you want wheat. If you are next to a river tile? You want rice.

Pick a bad crop for the environment and your farm will underproduce. Pick a perfect crop and your farm will go bonkers.

In addition, we could have aqueducts that feed the farms. Made ofc with stone, which boosts farms output.

This is the kind of advancements that would take the focus off building armies and heavy micro and put it back onto economies. Which is what the change to farms placement kinda nerfed. :confused:

Honestly, not to be rude (but not sure respect and praise has been earned) but you need to stop spamming hot take level ideas and low ELO discussions


All these ideas wouldn’t be bad for scenarios but would change the mechanics too much to be considered Age 2.

Also, agree with that there are too many posts. I would accuse this person of being Garg, but this account is a few years old

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same really. but… that said this has one post from 2021 then a deluge in the past few days

Great concept for scenarios not that much for MP.

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You can try aoe4 Byzantines if you want aqueducts. They have that feature.

I saw this topic discussed several times. I support the idea of add new terrain effects and interactions. Maybe something less complex like an specific terrain thst increase farming speed or performance.

Your suggestions gives me an idea. What about an unique farm with intensive cultives. This mean, a farm that produce less food, but very fast and once you deplet it nothing can be builded over this area for a certain time.

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So strip farming the land? That would be really interesting, especially since the need for food drops off later in the game.

:frowning: I am me. Dont say im someone else lol. I just came back to start playing again.

Oh yea definitely not sus at all…