When I subscribe to Advanced Game Settings, and then start any type of match, custom or skirmish, AGS won’t show up as a gamemode option. anyone know how to fix this?

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Its creator stopped working on it.

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Even I the creator of the Conquest Mod, I have re-started to create a new project from zero… With this new paid expansion, majority of the core mechanics and files located in the Content Editor has changed near %70 percent as all of them effect each other. As a result of it, the +1.5 years old mods cannot work with the new DLC update anymore.

Most of the features, new mechanics etc I had included with Conquest Mod is not working in the new project… It is really pain to redesign everything from zero. Conquest Mod is +23MB mod file as I changed many subjects to create a nice mod. Now, I redesign everything from zero and it is really frustrating and takes lots of time.

If every new DLC brings this non-sense to happen then it will be very hard to keep good modders to create and continue their work. To create mods take lots of time and we work on these mod at our free time after coming from work in real life.

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Nomatter how much the devs improve modding support, game updates (especially substantial ones like seasonal updates / expansions) will always break them. This is common to modding many games.

What we need is better communication on what is going to break, and ideally be provided ways to work around problems caused by code updates / developer changes.


By contrast, Age of Empires 3, with its additive modding system, has the most stable and permissive modding of all Age of Empires. And I’m hopeful that AoM will take up this modding system, after all, it will be made on the same engine.

I can understand that AoE1 and AoE2 have old engines and it’s harder to do that. But AoE4 is new, and they could have thought of that at the start of development.

In the Age of Empires surveys, I often mention improving the modding system in AoE4. But more people need to ask, otherwise they won’t see it.


additive modding has been III DE’s biggest win over legacy, idk how aoe2 manages this, but aoe4 devs should take a close look at that system and take some notes

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As someone who’s not very deep into AoE 3’s modding scene, can someone explain the additive modding system to me? :slight_smile:

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here you go Additive Data Mods – Age of Empires Support, to put it plainly, it’d solve the very issues plagueing aoe4’s modding scene, patches changing so many variables that kills mods permaturely
and the data merging also counts the dlcs

Ahh I see. Yeah that would definitely help AoE 4’s modding scene

In AoE 2 DE, activated mods override game files and get automatically deactivated after each update. There is a 3rd party tool with mods locker that keeps mods activated.

But it didn’t even work before Sultans Ascend?

It worked before DLC. It kind of works post dlc in very limited form as it doesn’t support new civs… (E.g. start with 5vils and only standard game as options that need civ specific data are missing for dlc content)

And thy should fix the “Red box visual error” too in the Content Editor, we cannot access and use lots of model skins, mechanics etc. I just recreate my whole from sketch now after DLC and still these same old issues are exist, for +1.5 years thy could not fix these issues.

That mentioned system does not cover the new civs so if something changes again in the future new DLC, then modders will deal with changing their files from sketch again for each changed subject.

If we think there will be same amount AOE2 DE Civs in the future for AOE4 too, then AOE4 developers should prepare a good Content Editor to handle everything.