AI Allies invading space

So I have an issue with skirmish matches against AI. I set up the match so everyone spawns separately and set on a gigantic map. Despite this, my ally would come all the way over to my area and start building, which gets in the way of what i wanna build and they also start stealing my resources!
I like to have allies so the enemy AI has something else to focus on, but having allies invade your space and steal your ■■■■ is ruining the fun for me.

Thank you for reporting @xDARKLORDx7x! What do your match/map settings look like when you see this? Specifically:

  • AI Difficulty
  • Map Size
  • Team Starting Locations
  • Starting Resources


AI Difficulty = Easy
Map Size = Gigantic
Team Starting Locations = Random
Starting Resources = Maximum

So basically, logically, there should be no reason for the AI to come invade my zone and steal my stuff.
Also the map I like to play on, I forget what it’s called but it’s the one where every player/team is on their own hill.