AI behavior issue + Congrats

First off, just wanted to say good job to the devs for the last DLC and patch, good content and tons of bug fixes.

Now about the issue, I noticed that, in single player (campaigns, custom campaigns, skirmish…) AI controlled units tend to prioritize attacking buildings, and once they aquired a building as a target, they won’t react to anything else unless each individual unit is attacked.

To be more precise, the units attacking a building won’t move until the said building is destroyed, and often let themselves killed one by one without retaliating as a group.

This seems to be a priority/target aquiring issue and constitutes a general AI bug, as it occurs in official campaigns, custom scenarios, or skirmishes alike. It allows the player to cheese too hard and renders scenario way too easy. You can kill entire waves of units just with a couple of units of your own, if you just wait them to attack a building, and then pick them one by one, without them reacting.


Oh god really? That’s awful

yea in ai discord, seems to be a known new issue that one of the AI feature broke. just gotta wait till they fix it again

Hi @MLC8896
We are aware of this issue, thank you :slight_smile: