Ai behavior

Like aom they should give ai behavior to every game of theirs. Ai don’t wall in they just create army rush nd have lots of unused army in there base and no pattern of buildings. Whereas in aom we can see an ai building an economy walling in creating an perfect army

on what aoe game are you refering to?the trailers for aoe4? since aoe2de/aoe2hd and aoe3 with aoe3de have good enough ai

Aoe2 de nd aoe4 cuz if there is not then there should be nd i haven’t played aoe3 de bcuz my computer can’t take its load😅

I mean its just an option right

ohhhhh i think i get what you mean.Yeah compared to the ai from 3d games like aom and aoe3 the aoe2 de ai can be really stupid sometimes (also there is a reason why i didn’t talk for cough aoe1 ai cough

Actually i was very young whem my brother used to play aoe1 and i started my gaming passion with aoe2 nd like great aoe 2 players nd spirit of the law i always ends up on aoe2 so sry for not mentioning aoe1