AI builds in my base

Been having issues where AI teammates build in my base blocking in my villagers and taking up area that would boost tax income (I main the Chinese). Suggestions would be great because this is really frustrating and makes the rest of the game unplayable when they do this.

Yes - I’ve also noticed this when playing with AI ally. It’s sometimes very annoying.
There should be at least a certain radius around first TC ‘forbidden’ for the AI ally.
Also the taunt 104 “Please delete this building” should be accepted by the AI.

Hey, @xxwayofthesunxx and @BilboB1887, are you playing with high or max resources?

I always play with resources “standard”, mostly AI level “difficult”.

Also I’ve noticed, the AI tries to steal my resources. It builds a mill right next to my TC when there is a lot of food stored.