AI cannot delete units to create new

Game Version: Aoe2 DE

Build 33315

  • Platform: Microsoft Store

Issue: AI Cannot delete villagers on a low population game of Empire Wars to defend itself.

Create a Single player 1x1 game max 25 units vs AI in
Set Difficulty to Extreme
Reveal map - All Visible
Empire Wars (Stars with 28 villagers) 28/25
Mine gold and wood to create rams, delete un-needed villagers
Attack all AI’s buildings with rams, do not kill any villagers.
Kill any villagers and AI will create soldiers and attack you.
If you kill only buildings, then villagers after, you will win.
AI doesnt know how to delete its own units to create soldiers


Hello onenesslanding,

The AI can and will delete villagers in long lasting games but on the 25 pop cap it might take a bit too long until the AI feels comfortable deleting villagers. Thank you for the report!

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