AI changes [october 5th patch]

Me and my buddies usually play every day 1 or 2 matches against AI, some 4v4 extreme just for funsies and it’s actually challenging because we usually wait until late castle/imperial to attack (no cheezeing AI with early archers or towers, we give them time to breathe).
Most of the time we win, but today we got destrooooyed. We couldn’t even hold their pockets when they arrived and they attacked everywhere, not just one base. We try to help who’s being attacked, but their army just oblieterate us and destroy everything.
They’re not even trying to defend the corners, they go straight for the kill and by the time we move our armies from attack to defend, it’s a wasteland where once was a beautiful kingdom.
It’s a lot harder than before, so… thank you devs for increasing the difficulty. It’s amazing 11

Still tower rush is the best start against AI.

There was a recent ai tournament where extreme ai got third.

I could imagine lots of improvements went underway to perform there better.

Barbarian got second beating extreme ai with its amazing human like group micro.

First place apparently only plays Frank’s. Haven’t seen it in action yet.

“Ranked queue now continues instead of stopping if another player leaves from the found match.”

Wow they finally made it, thanks. This was always such a huge waste of time…i don’t know how many hours i’ve wasted with recreating lobbies.

Let’s see how the time punishment for alt+f4 works.

This will drastically change Tunnel, and Michi runs, more so than Black Forest games.